What happened?

Jerry Shaw was found dead behind the nursing home where he worked

Investigation Day 1

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a deceased male behind the Yoknapatawpha Acres nursing home. The victim was identified at the scene as Jerry Shaw, an employee of the nursing home.

While detectives were still working the scene, the Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat was breaking the news.

After examining the scene, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy returned to the station to talk with the woman who found the body, someone they'd met before.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, after the detectives reviewed CSU's preliminary inventory of evidence from the scene, they spoke to Phil about his late brother.

After lunch, they met with the Yoknapatawpha Acres manager to find out more about Jerry as an employee.

Then they talked to the facility's head nurse about Jerry's workplace performance and interactions.

Next, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with a nursing assistant who worked with Jerry at the nursing home.

When they talked to nurse Erin Bailey, the detectives got a different perspective on Jerry than they'd heard from other people.

Nurse's aide LaDonna had some tales of her own to tell about Jerry.

Investigation Day 3

Early the following morning, the detectives asked the oxygen delivery guy about his relationship with Jerry, which other witnesses had mentioned.

Then they met with Yoknapatawpha Acres nurse Sylvia to find out more about her reported personal relationship with Jerry.

Around midday, the crime lab sent over their preliminary findings on evidence found near Jerry's body.

After lunch, the detectives went to Yoknapatawpha Acres to talk to a resident who reportedly had complained about Jerry.

Then they talked to Rose's roommate, who had some complaints of her own.

Magnolia's son walked the detectives out of his mother's room and shared with them what he knew.

Next, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with a mysterious resident who had his own opinions about what could've happened to Jerry.

Then the detectives did their best to talk to Albert's roommate about what he saw the day Jerry died.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, the detectives went back to Yoknapatawpha Acres to speak to additional employees starting with another nurse's aide who worked with Jerry.

Later, they talked to the head cook about operations at Yoknapatawpha Acres.

Investigation Day 5

Before her shift started the following day, the nursing home's receptionist met with Detectives Armstrong and Murphy and gave them the list of visitors who signed in at Yoknapatawpha Acres on the day Jerry died.

Subsequent interviews at Yoknapatawpha Acres that day turned up no new information, although some persons of interest turned out to be unavailable that day.

Investigation Day 6

Bright and early, one of the people the detectives had wanted to talk to again came to the station to talk to them.

That afternoon, the sheriff's department received a letter from a local doctor regarding someone at Yoknapatawpha Acres.

Shortly afterward, the detectives spoke to a family member of the person, who corroborated the doctor's concerns.

Investigation Day 7

The next day, the detectives started pressing some of the Yoknapatawpha Acres employees for more answers, starting with Bernice and LaDonna.

Then, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy wanted to know if Sylvia had told them everything about her split with Jerry.

And the nursing home manager had plenty to answer for, in the detectives' opinion, even if he didn't necessarily agree.

Investigation Day 8

When the Coroner's Office sent over their preliminary autopsy report, the detectives finally had an official ruling on the manner of Jerry's death.

Later, they had another conversation with Matt to try to get more information about his dispute with Jerry.

Then, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with Natalie again, hoping that her changed circumstances would allow her to be more forthcoming about the goings-on at Yoknapatawpha Acres.

Investigation Day 9

The next morning, the detectives went back to Yoknapatawpha Acres to make an arrest and then spoke with the person in custody a few hours later as the Oxford Weekly Planet was breaking the news of the arrest.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy asked Ed to stop by the station later that afternoon to get more information about his interactions with the Yoknapatawpha Acres staff.

Investigation Day 10

The detectives went back to Yoknapatawpha Acres to take care of some more business, starting with asking Sylvia a few more questions.

Shortly after Detectives Armstrong and Murphy finished talking to Sylvia, Albert pulled them aside for a brief, if cryptic, conversation.

When their chat with Albert wrapped up, they went to the nursing home office to execute the first of the search warrants they'd obtained that morning.

Before leaving Yoknapatawpha Acres, the detectives stopped in to see Magnolia again at Albert's suggestion.

Then they went to see Matt Hooper to execute the next warrant.

To end the day, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy executed their final search warrant at Ed Harbison's residence.

Investigation Day 11

While the detectives sent their latest evidence to the Crime Lab and waited for their findings, the Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat weighed in with its opinion the Yoknapatawpha Acres scandal and Jerry's murder.

Investigation Day 12

At the end of the day, the Crime Lab sent their latest report, and Detectives Armstrong and Murphy made plans to act on the information.

Investigation Day 13

After speaking with a suspect about what the Crime Lab found, the detectives took that person into custody in connection with the murder of Jerry Shaw.

It didn't take long for the Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat to reassure Yoknapatawphans that the accused killer had been arrested and they could put their minds at ease.