Richard Landrigan interview #2

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 – 1:14 p.m.

Richard Landrigan is the manager of the Yoknapatawpha Acres nursing home, where Jerry Shaw was employed.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Richard D. Landrigan

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for coming in. Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Richard Landrigan: Richard Dean Landrigan. I live at 262 Woodlawn Drive, Oxford. What did you want to talk to me about?

Detective Armstrong: How are things going at that lovely facility of yours?

Richard Landrigan: Things are great. I've already replaced Shaw.

Detective Armstrong: Have you replaced your head nurse?

Richard Landrigan: How did you— She'll be easy to replace. I was going to fire her anyway.

Detective Murphy: Really? She told us you called her and asked her to come back.

Richard Landrigan: That is absurd. When she quit, I said, "good riddance." All she did by quitting was save me a lot of paperwork. She was always complaining about something.

Detective Armstrong: Always complaining about what a horrible manager you were?

Richard Landrigan: Whatever. That's her opinion, and she's welcome to it.

Detective Armstrong: What do you think made Natalie quit?

Richard Landrigan: I don't know, and I don't care. I'm just glad she's gone.

Detective Armstrong: Could it have had anything to do with Rose Jenkins?

Richard Landrigan: I don't know what you're talking about.

Detective Armstrong: Why did Rose Jenkins move out?

Richard Landrigan: I think her daughter wanted her to be closer to where she lives.

Detective Armstrong: That's it?

Richard Landrigan: As far as I know.

Detective Murphy: We've heard that you and Jerry Shaw had some pretty heated arguments in the weeks prior to his death.

Richard Landrigan: We had some minor disagreements.

Detective Murphy: About what?

Richard Landrigan: Just the usual workplace differences of opinion. Nothing serious.

Detective Murphy: I would think that shoving was pretty serious.

Richard Landrigan: I never laid a hand on that man.

Detective Armstrong: We hear he shoved you, and you cowered away.

Richard Landrigan: Never happened. I don't know where you people get your information, but it's way off.

Detective Murphy: Do you know of anyone who would want to kill Shaw?

Richard Landrigan: I thought Jerry slipped on some garbage.

Detective Armstrong: Just answer the question, Mr. Landrigan.

Richard Landrigan: A lot of people didn't like him very much, but I don't know about wanting to kill him. I just can't help you there. Although… you know who really didn't like him?

Detective Armstrong: Who?

Richard Landrigan: Natalie. Maybe she did it. She's a big woman. She'd have the strength.

Detective Armstrong: The strength to do what exactly?

Richard Landrigan: Everyone thought he slipped, so I'm guessing he was pushed. I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: Did you shove him?

Richard Landrigan: I told you before. I had nothing to do with this murder or accident or whatever it was.

Detective Murphy: Where is it you said you were in the hour or so before the body was found?

Richard Landrigan: I don't recall. I think I was on my lunch break. I eat late because I have so much to do. I don't remember if I went out that day or if I ate in my office or the cafeteria.

Detective Murphy: Do you remember where you were when Lynette told you Jerry was dead?

Richard Landrigan: Yes, I was in my office. I do remember that.

Detective Armstrong: Either you're lying, or you have a terrible memory.

Richard Landrigan: I've had so much on my mind, and the days all run together. Whatever I said before is probably correct. It would have been fresh in my mind then.

Detective Armstrong: Did you kill Jerry?

Richard Landrigan: No, I did not! I've already told you that.

Detective Armstrong: Has anything you told us today been the truth?

Richard Landrigan: What? How dare you? If you're not going to listen to me, then I don't see any reason to continue this. I have nothing further to say to you anyway. I would like to return to my job now.

Detective Murphy: All right. You may go. For now.

Interview ended – 1:37 p.m.



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