Elderly woman with white hair and glasses

Rose Jenkins interview

Saturday, January 11, 2020 – 12:55 p.m.

Rose Jenkins is a resident at Yoknapatawpha Acres, where Jerry Shaw worked. Another nursing home employee, Sylvia Powell, told the detectives Mrs. Jenkins had complained about the way Jerry Shaw treated her.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed Mrs. Jenkins at Yoknapatawpha Acres.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Rose Jenkins

Detective Murphy: Good morning, Rose. How are you today?

Rose Jenkins: I am as fine as frog hair. Thanks for asking.

Detective Murphy: Would you tell us your name and your address for the record, please?

Rose Jenkins: My name is Rose Jenkins, and I live on Old Taylor Road. Can you take me there? I can't get anyone to take me home.

Detective Murphy: Rose, aren't you living at a nursing home that you call the Acres?

Rose Jenkins: Why are you trying to confuse me? You know I'm way too young to be in a place like that.

Detective Armstrong: For the record, Mrs. Jenkins is a resident at Yoknapatawpha Acres.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Jenkins, did you know Jerry Shaw?

Rose Jenkins: Yes, Jerry. He was touching me in places where he should not have been touching.

Detective Armstrong: Did you tell anyone he did this to you?

Rose Jenkins: I told my daddy. He took care of it. Will you please hang that clock? He said he lost it right over there by the trees. Do you like butterscotch candy?

Detective Murphy: Rose, did you ever see Jerry arguing or fighting with anyone?

Rose Jenkins: Yes, in the bathroom. Hang the clock!

Detective Murphy: Jerry was arguing with someone in the bathroom?

Rose Jenkins: Have you seen Daniel? Where is he? He has to come and get me out of here. I want to go home.

Detective Murphy: Please, Rose, calm down. I heard that today is your birthday.

Rose Jenkins: Yes, it is. January 11th. I'm 35 years old today. Oh, wait. Where is Magnolia? Wasn't her boy just in here?

Detective Murphy: You mean your roommate, Magnolia?

Rose Jenkins: I don't know. She said Jerry abused her too. Why doesn't someone stop him? I don't understand how he's allowed to hurt women of our age. It just isn't right.

Detective Armstrong: Are you talking about Jerry Shaw?

Rose Jenkins: He touches me, makes me feel funny. Albert says he shouldn't be doing that. He says he'll tell him to leave me alone.

Detective Armstrong: Who is Albert?

Rose Jenkins: He's right over there. Who are you, and why are you in my room? Do I know you? Help! There are strangers in my room.

Detective Murphy: It's okay, Rose. We're leaving now. Happy Birthday.

Rose Jenkins: It's my birthday? I get to go visit my granny on my birthday. I can't wait to see her. Where is my daddy? Have you seen him?

Interview ended – 1:10 p.m.



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