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Ed Harbison bio

Edward Jay Harbison was born May 12, 1975, to Magnolia and Boyd Harbison. Magnolia was a loving mother to Ed, spoiling him and spending as much time with him as she could.

Boyd, Ed's father, was a farmer and worked hard for a living. When Ed was old enough, Boyd started to teach him about farming. In high school, Ed began to work for a carpenter and found he was as good at it. He knew then that he would never be a farmer.

During his junior year of high school, he met the girl of his dreams: Julie Webb, a transfer student from Huntsville, Alabama. For Ed, it was love at first sight. He asked Julie out, even though he knew his mother wouldn't approve because she never thought any of the girls Ed dated were good enough for him.

Ed and Julie dated for two years, anyway. Julie tried her best to win Magnolia over, but Magnolia only saw her as the person that was trying to steal her son.

In 1995, Julie and Ed married in a small ceremony. They have three children: Justin, 25; Tyler, 23; and Kayla, 19. Throughout the time the kids were growing up, their small house was noisy, chaotic, and full of love.

In 2014, Ed and his father were installing carpet at Ed's house when Boyd fell to the floor. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital, but Ed died from a massive heart attack. Both Ed and Magnolia were devastated.

A few months after Boyd passed away, Magnolia was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Ed knew she needed his help and felt he had no choice but to move back into his parents' house to take care of his mother. By that time, Justin was out on his own, and Tyler was in college, so Ed, Julie, and Kayla reluctantly moved out to the farm with Magnolia.

As time went by, Magnolia got more dependent on Ed for help because she was in pain and could barely walk. Ed and Julie both worked, so Ed hired a series of caretakers to stay with his mother during the day. Magnolia didn't like any of them, and she let them know it. They quit faster than Ed could find someone to take their place.

Finally, Ed realized caring for Magnolia at home wasn't possible anymore and decided to move his mother to Yoknapatawpha Acres, even though it wasn't what she wanted.

Ed visits his mother often. Whenever he does, Magnolia never misses the opportunity to remind him that he threw her out of her own house and "dumped her in this place" because he doesn't love her.

Even though his relationship with his mother is strained now, Ed's home life with Julie has been a lot more peaceful since Magnolia moved.



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