Incident report

In the early morning hours, Ashley Fontaine found her husband's bloody body in their kitchen.

Crime scene photos

Photographs of selected evidence collected at the Fontaine crime scene.

Ashley Fontaine bio

After a childhood of public glamor and private turmoil, Ashley married Philip following a whirlwind courtship.

Ashley Fontaine interview

The detectives asked the victim's wife about the circumstances around her discovery of his body.

Grant Fontaine bio

Grant had led a troubled life and has long had a difficult relationship with his father.

Grant Fontaine interview

The detectives struggled to get details from Grant about his activities the night his father died.

TV news report

Action News reports live from the Fontaine crime scene.

Philip Fontaine bio

Real estate developer Philip Fontaine was a polarizing figure in the business and social communities.

Fontaine scene evidence

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of evidence collected from the kitchen of the Fontaine residence.

Developer found murdered

The Crime Beat reports: Controversial real estate magnate slain in own kitchen

Raquel Santos bio

Raquel has worked as a housekeeper since she was 17 years old.

Raquel Santos interview

The detectives asked Raquel about her work for the Fontaine family.

Joey Beecher bio

When Joey went to work for Mr. Fontaine, he finally had a job he could stick with.

Joey Beecher interview

The detectives talked to Joey about his work for Philip and the Fontaine family.

Stacy Beecher bio

Stacy hoped her husband's job with the Fontaines would bring the better life she always dreamed of.

Stacy Beecher interview

The detectives wanted to find out how much of her husband's story Stacy could corroborate.

Benito Flores bio

Benito and his girlfriend moved to Yoknapatawpha County in hopes of better job prospects.

Benito Flores interview

The detectives wanted to get Benito's response to the allegations made about him.

Javier Montoya bio

Javier has been Philip's business and personal attorney for many years.

Javier Montoya interview

The detectives asked Javier what legal matters Philip was involved in when he died.

Gerald Archer bio

Gerald has worked hard to become an indispensable resource to the wealthy and powerful.

Gerald Archer interview

The detectives spoke to Philip's banker to learn more about the Fontaine business and personal finances.

Kenny Ross bio

Currently serving time for a narcotics distribution conviction, Kenny is an occasional resource for investigators.

Kenny Ross interview

The detectives met with an inmate to get more information on the Fontaine family.

Fingerprint analysis

The Crime Lab provided a preliminary summary report on fingerprints from the Fontaine crime scene.

Ballistics analysis

The Crime Lab analyzed ballistic evidence recovered at the scene.

Presumptive blood test results

Suspected bloodstains from the crime scene were tested for the presence of human blood.

Bruno Coleman bio

Bruno's rivalry with Philip Fontaine began when they were co-workers as young men.

Bruno Coleman interview

The detectives brought in Bruno, one of Philip's business competitors, to discuss their longstanding conflict.

Will Sands bio

Will has been bartending in Oxford for years and knows most of the town's secrets.

Will Sands interview

The detectives talked to a local bartender who knows all the Yoknapatawpha County scuttlebutt.

Karen Lewis bio

Karen was Philip's loyal secretary for most of her adult life.

Karen Lewis interview

Philip's longtime secretary told the detectives about his relationships with his family, friends, and enemies.

Blood ABO typing

Samples of human blood found at the crime scene were submitted for ABO blood typing.

Coroner's report

Preliminary report from the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office on the autopsy of Philip Fontaine.

Dawn Thurman bio

Already a divorcée, Dawn is still looking for her Prince Charming.

Dawn Thurman interview

The detectives talked to Philip's personal trainer about her relationship with him.

Amber Dunn bio

Amber devoted herself to fitness as a teenager and chose a career as a personal trainer.

Amber Dunn interview

The detectives spoke to another trainer about Philip and her friend and co-worker, Dawn.

Joey Beecher interview #2

The detectives wanted to go over Joey's alibi and ask him about Philip's will.

Grant Fontaine interview #2

The detectives tried to nail down where Grant really was the night his father was killed.

DNA analysis

Human blood samples from the crime scene were submitted for DNA analysis.

DNA tutorial

The Crime Lab prepared this tutorial on Multiplex STR DNA analysis.

Will Sands interview #2

The detectives asked Will if he forgot to mention anything in his first interview.

Grant Fontaine interview #3

The detectives pressed Grant about his fight with his father and the cash his father reportedly had.

Kyle Parker bio

Kyle has a colorful history but has never been implicated in any violence.

Kyle Parker interview

The detectives invited Kyle in to ask him about his client, Ashley Fontaine.

Coleman search

The detectives obtained warrants to search the Coleman residence and collect biological samples from Bruno.

Beecher search

The detectives obtained warrants to search the Beecher residence and collect biological samples from Joey.

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