What's happened so far?

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Wealthy real estate developer Philip Fontaine was found dead in a pool of blood on his kitchen floor in July 2020.

During the investigation, theories and speculation swirled, but the detectives ignored the gossip and focused on the evidence. Within a few weeks, they had a suspect in custody.

Now, on the eve of trial, the defense claims to have evidence exonerating the accused and implicating another suspect.

At the prosecutor's request, the detectives are reviewing the case file as part of the preparation to address the defense's assertion.


Investigation Day 1

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a man found dead on his kitchen floor. When sheriff's officers arrived at the location, they found a gruesome scene.

After examining the scene, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to the victim's wife, who found the body and called 911.

Then the detectives tried to get some sense out of the victim's son about what he'd been doing the night his father was killed.

After the sun came up, as a local news crew was reporting from the scene, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy got more information about the victim.

Later, while the detectives reviewed a preliminary list of evidence collected at the scene, the Oxford Weekly Planet published their coverage of the murder.

That same morning, the Fontaines' housekeeper came in to meet with Detectives Armstrong and Murphy.

After lunch, the detectives sat down with the Fontaines' handyman to find out about his work for Philip and the family.

Then they talked to Joey's wife to see how much of his story she could corroborate.

The detectives also asked Raquel's boyfriend to come in so they could see what he had to say about Joey's allegations.

Investigation Day 2

The next day, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with Philip's attorney to find out if Philip was involved in any business or personal legal matters at the time he was killed.


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A little later, the detectives spoke to Philip's banker to learn more about the Fontaine business and personal finances.

Then the detectives traveled to a nearby correctional facility to meet with an inmate who's provided information in the past to assist investigations.

Investigation Day 3

In the morning, the Crime Lab sent over some early findings to give the detectives a peek at what they're learning from the evidence.

Then the detectives sat down with one of Philip's business competitors to talk about their longstanding conflict.

Next up, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to a local bartender who always seems to know all the Yoknapatawpha County scuttlebutt.