Sullen man with dark hair and five o'clock shadow

Kenny Ross

Sunday, July 12, 2020 – 4:39 p.m.

Kenny Ross is currently incarcerated for possession and distribution of cocaine.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Marshall County Correctional Facility in Holly Springs, MS.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Kenny Ross

Detective Murphy: For the record, please state your name and address.

Kenny Ross: Kenny Ross. The lease on my apartment expired, but the State of Mississippi has been kind enough to give me a place to stay.

Detective Armstrong: What have you heard about the Fontaine murder?

Kenny Ross: Nothing.

Detective Armstrong: That's unusual. I thought Kenny knew all.

Kenny Ross: If nobody's talking, there's nothing to hear.

Detective Murphy: Are people keeping secrets from you, Kenny?

Kenny Ross: Not if they know what's good for them.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe the house burglarized itself and then killed its owner just to throw a wrench into the investigation.

Kenny Ross: Stranger things have happened. You know, I'm missing my recreation time. I should get back to my cell.

Detective Armstrong: You like it here at the correctional facility, huh?

Kenny Ross: Great place. You guys should spend a little time here. I know some people who would take care of you real well. Maybe if you could see to it I spent a little less time here, I might be able to help you.

Detective Murphy: You answer our questions, and we'll see what we can do.

Kenny Ross: Probably the best I can do. Shoot.

Detective Murphy: You know Grant Fontaine?

Kenny Ross: Grunt? Sure, I know him.

Detective Murphy: You ever sell to him?

Kenny Ross: Why do you ask?

Detective Murphy: This is about a murder, Kenny. We're not going to jam you up over what you did or didn't sell to him.

Kenny Ross: Sure, I sold to Grunt. As if he didn't have money to burn, he squeezed me out of the picture when someone else came along with a better price.

Detective Murphy: Who would that be?

Kenny Ross: A guy named Benito.

Detective Armstrong: You got a last name?

Kenny Ross: Flores, but to be honest, I've seen prettier flowers.

Detective Armstrong: You know how he got to Grant?

Kenny Ross: He was doing odd jobs for the old man when he started to sell to Grunt. Talk about immature and having a temper. All I did was say his woman looked hot and bammo! Kenny takes one to the jaw.

Detective Murphy: What happened?

Kenny Ross: Had to play it cool. Mamacita Raquel was ready to call you guys, and I wasn't looking to meet and greet any cops that day.

Detective Armstrong: You were holding.

Kenny Ross: Teach me to walk around with it. How come you two haven't busted him yet? The man's a crook.

Detective Murphy: He's innocent, like you.

Kenny Ross: Right. Don't worry. He'll get his. A hothead who steals customers, he's going to find himself floating down the Mississippi some dark night. Not that I would have anything to do with it. I'm a changed man.

Detective Armstrong: What do you hear about Joey Beecher?

Kenny Ross: Bad news. He's a short-timer too. Joey's making a lot of enemies. Even threw me off the property once, hit me when I wasn't looking. He knows it's coming. He's getting ready.

Detective Murphy: Ready for what?

Kenny Ross: The turn of the wheel. That's why he sticks with Fontaine. He's building a bankroll.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe Fontaine protects him.

Kenny Ross: That dolt? He doesn't know half of what goes on in that house. If he did, Joey would be part of somebody's foundation.

Detective Murphy: Tell us more about Grant. Does he owe any money?

Kenny Ross: As of yesterday, $11,500. Today, I don't know yet.

Detective Armstrong: He owe it all to one person, or is he spreading the lack of wealth?

Kenny Ross: I hear several dealers are waiting for his ship to come in. Maybe it has. He's sure to get a piece of the estate, maybe some insurance. Of course, now it's way too late for Grunt to post my bail, so I can't say I really care much either way.

Detective Murphy: You ever hear anything linking Grant and Ashley?

Kenny Ross: That's disgusting. She's his mother. A real yummy mommy, that one.

Detective Armstrong: Go on.

Kenny Ross: You got eyes. She was probably having fun with the burglar when Fontaine came home and interrupted.

Detective Murphy: Is that the story making the rounds?

Kenny Ross: Like I said, it's been dead quiet.

Detective Armstrong: Keep talking.

Kenny Ross: Word is she's had some guy from the gym on the side for a while. I know that much. Maybe she decided that muscle is more important than money. Maybe she was just looking for some muscle too dumb to ask questions.

Detective Murphy: You have a kind word for everybody.

Kenny Ross: My granny always taught me to be polite.

Detective Armstrong: What's the consensus on Bruno Coleman?

Kenny Ross: Another upstanding citizen. Maybe the whole bunch of them killed Fontaine together like in that old movie. Of course, then they'd all be tripping over themselves to back-stab and cut deals.

Detective Murphy: You think Bruno could be behind the burglary?

Kenny Ross: He's really weird, that one. He threatened me once, told me not to sell to Grunt.

Detective Murphy: Why's that?

Kenny Ross: Search me. Grunt, he was more trouble than his business was worth. If he ever came to me asking for credit, I would have dumped him in a second.

Detective Murphy: So what about Bruno?

Kenny Ross: He's not exactly burglar material. And him and Fontaine have had it in for each other for so long, Bruno wouldn't settle for such a quick and simple death. When you have time to dwell on things like he has, you imagine a much more complicated revenge.

Detective Armstrong: Who's your money on?

Kenny Ross: Joey. I also placed a side bet that he's got something going with Ashley and making trouble for Grunt. A real prince among men.

Detective Murphy: Did you get good odds?

Kenny Ross: They change on a daily basis as new evidence comes to light.

Detective Armstrong: Is there anything that hasn't filtered down to us working stiffs yet?

Kenny Ross: I'd hate to spoil the surprise.

Detective Murphy: Have we missed anybody significant? Tell us that, at least.

Kenny Ross: The warden. Bring him in for questioning, and half the guys in here will talk your ears off; maybe solve some cold cases for you.

Detective Armstrong: That's an interesting idea.

Kenny Ross: You never know. Maybe the warden did do it. Don't be surprised if he says he's innocent, though. It goes with the territory.

Detective Armstrong: Yeah. Everything you say is the truth, and everyone in prison is innocent.

Detective Murphy: This has been so much fun, I'm almost sorry you got busted. Of course, if you hadn't, you wouldn't be so willing to talk.

Kenny Ross: You get tired of the same faces all the time inside. Besides, my meeting with you, it keeps people guessing. Hey, you two don't forget this favor, huh?

Detective Murphy: Like I said, we'll see what we can do.

Interview ended – 5:04 p.m.


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ok this actually sheds some light

  Dan West
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So... Grant tips Benito off about the 15K because he needs it paid off. In the lot, outside the saloon.
Hand off of keys? Hand off of security details? Some kind of exchange.

Benito heads to Fontaine residence?

Or.. He puts a thumping...

So... Grant tips Benito off about the 15K because he needs it paid off. In the lot, outside the saloon.
Hand off of keys? Hand off of security details? Some kind of exchange.

Benito heads to Fontaine residence?

Or.. He puts a thumping on Grant for the money. Grant hands him the info to get in?

Benito confronts Philip.. ??

Grant arrives and finishes him off?

Benito arrives and finishes off Philip??

Read More
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Ross says Benito is dealing to Grant. Grant is into Benito for 11.5 K.
Interesting possibility here.

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That's strike 3 for Grant. I've got motive adter motive piling up on old boy. He's really looking like our guy.

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