Updated fingerprint analysis

Fingerprints obtained through search warrants were compared to unidentified fingerprints from the crime scene.

Footwear comparison

Shoes collected during searches were compared to the unidentified shoe prints from the crime scene.

Updated blood ABO typing

Blood samples from Beecher, Coleman and Flores were compared to blood found at the crime scene.

Arrest Report

A suspect in the murder of Philip Fontaine was taken into custody.

Arrestee interview

A suspect is in custody for the murder of Philip Fontaine.

Arrest in Fontaine murder

The Crime Beat reports: Suspect in custody for the murder of Philip Fontaine.

Pam Lipscomb bio

Pam is moving up the ranks of the criminal defense firm she joined after law school.

Defense names "real killer"

The Crime Beat reports: The defense team makes their case in the Fontaine murder trial.

Defense attorney predicts verdict

The Crime Beat reports: defense attorney Pam Lipscomb speaks about the case.

Suspect Interrogation Tool

Have a question you want to ask someone associated with the Fontaine investigation? Here's your chance.

* Exclusive for Case Detectives *

Calvin Dollarhide bio

Calvin is a driven prosecuting attorney with ambitions beyond his current position.

Fontaine defendant cross-examined

The Crime Beat reports: prosecutor Dollarhide challenges the defense allegations.

Prosecutor talks about the case

The Crime Beat reports: With the jury deliberating, prosecutor Calvin Dollarhide spoke about the case.

The Fontaines talk about the trial

The Crime Beat reports: As the jury deliberates, the victim's widow and son speak out.

Bruno Coleman on the Fontaine family

The Crime Beat reports: the victim's longtime rival talks about his support of the family.

Will Sands, uncomfortable witness

The Crime Beat reports: Will Sands discusses his reluctant involvement in the Fontaine case.

Case Detective asks Grant Fontaine

Detective Sunflower brings Grant Fontaine to the interrogation room.

* Exclusive for Case Detectives *

Case Detective asks Ashley Fontaine

Detective Baelord brings Ashley Fontaine to the interrogation room.

* Exclusive for Case Detectives *

Verdict in Fontaine murder trial

After several days of deliberation, the jury delivered a verdict.

Case Detective asks witnesses

Detective JB brings multiple people to the interrogation room.

* Exclusive for Case Detectives *

Inside the jury room

The Crime Beat reports: Some of the jurors talk about the lengthy deliberations and their decision.

* Exclusive for Case Detectives *

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