Kyle Parker bio

Kyle Parker was born on either October 7 or 8, 1992, to Brian and Ruth Parker. Brian (AKA Brad Palmer AKA Bryant Pasker AKA Robin Powell) and Ruth (AKA Robin Powell AKA Ruby Ponder AKA Emily Cho) were members of an itinerant group of confidence artists, and the birth of their son Kyle did nothing to change that.

From the moment Kyle could look cute and distract a mark, he was put into play. Legend has it that he performed his first shell game when he was four years old, and he took the mark for $36.

Probably because the family moved so frequently, usually only one step ahead of the law, there is no evidence that Kyle ever attended school. He did, however, visit many school playgrounds over the years so that he could practice picking pockets.

Kyle was orphaned at age 15 when his parents were allegedly beaten to death after a big con went sour somewhere in Texas. The bodies were never discovered, and the specific details of the failed scam are different each time anyone tells the story.

Two years later, Kyle resurfaced in Connecticut, where he was accused of burglarizing a string of wealthy homes by romancing the teenage daughters to gain access. No charges were filed, and Kyle left the state soon after the accusations were made public.

The following year, he appeared briefly in Idaho, selling fake burial plots to recently widowed women. By the time the victims finally contacted the police, Kyle was gone, and the trail was cold.

Nothing is known of Kyle's activities for the next four years until he flew to Europe around his 22nd birthday.

While there is no record of Kyle re-entering the United States, in May of 2018, he was photographed in Phoenix, Arizona, leaving a health club that was under surveillance by the FBI. The Bureau's racketeering case led to fifteen indictments, but none of those involved were known associates of Kyle's. He was never again seen in the area.

Kyle arrived in Oxford, Mississippi, in February 2019 and approached the health club manager to offer his services as a personal trainer. Kyle is not an official employee and receives no salary or other benefits.

According to the health club manager, Joe Magnoli, Kyle is a model non-employee who has never given the club the slightest cause for concern or regret. Joe credits the recent influx of new female members to Kyle's presence at the club.

Private investigator David Anderson calls Kyle Parker a divorce mill, who has figured in over half a dozen cases brought in by suspicious husbands. Anderson says Kyle prefers to meet his dates at the Ole Miss Motel, where the staff considers him a generous tipper.

Despite all that is known about Kyle's activities, his record is clean, and no warrants exist for his arrest. He has never been known to use violence in the commission of any of his crimes.



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