Grant Fontaine bio

Grant Philip Fontaine was born on April 1, 2000, to Philip Fontaine and his second wife, Serena, after a 28-hour labor. His father was away on business and chose not to return for Grant's birth.

School records indicate that neither parent took more than a superficial interest in their son's development. Philip was frequently gone for days at a time, and those who knew Serena suggested that she may have had a serious alcohol problem. She left the Fontaine home when Grant was twelve, and he has not seen or heard from her since. After his mother left, Grant was raised by a series of nannies and housekeepers. Often, the only real supervision Grant had was when Joey Beecher chased off the unsavory characters that Grant associated with.

Grant's teenage years were marked by fights, drugs, and delinquency. Fontaine money and lawyers, plus occasional intervention by Joey Beecher, smoothed ruffled feathers and kept Grant from being suspended from high school.

Grant had no friends to speak of during high school and did not date anyone for any length of time. Acquaintances and school authorities recall that he was a known marijuana and cocaine user and that he attended a rehab program during the summer between his junior and senior years, which appeared to be less than effective.

Grant graduated in the bottom quarter of his class, but large donations by the Fontaine family facilitated his admission into the University of Mississippi. Sources say that normally Ashley Fontaine would personally deliver these donations, except for two occasions when a male employee of the Fontaines with an "extremely negative attitude" made the deliveries.

His roommates described Grant as moody and undependable, although he always pays his share of the bills, charging them to his father along with all his other school expenses. Grant often spends the night away from the dorm, but no one knows where he goes, though he reportedly sometimes parties with Carter Nichols and his friends.

Grant entered drug rehab in both his first two summers of college. During his second stint at rehab, he was caught smuggling drugs into the facility through an airshaft. According to several sources, Grant has continued to use drugs and is thought to sell small quantities to other students.

Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department records indicate arrests of five different individuals for possession or possession with intent to distribute over a 22-month period within one-half mile of the Fontaine residence. All three arrests were as a result of anonymous tips from a concerned citizen.

Grant was constantly at odds with his father, who made his disappointment with Grant known in private and in public. Neighbors have heard the two men fight loudly and frequently, after which Grant usually storms from the house and does not return until very early the next morning. Neighbors also reported loud, heated arguments between Grant and the Fontaine handyman, Joey Beecher, usually taking place on the grounds of the residence. They say that the only one in the household Grant seems to be on friendly terms with is his stepmother, Ashley.



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