Joey Beecher bio


Joey Beecher was born on March 16, 1981, to Frank and Ethel Beecher. His parents were too busy to offer much in the way of emotional support or encouragement. Frank worked two jobs to feed, clothe, and house the family, and Ethel was overextended as a homemaker even before she began working part-time as a maid.

The youngest of six boys, Joey quickly learned to rely on his fists to protect himself and his meager possessions from the many hands of his older brothers.

After high school, Joey worked a series of menial jobs, always leaving just because. He mostly stayed out of trouble, and employers said he was a good worker who did what needed to be done.

While a mechanic's helper at an auto body shop, Joey started dating Stacy McCracken, a waitress at a nearby diner. Three months later, they eloped and moved into Joey's small apartment. They appeared reasonably happy and always paid their rent on time.

After a long succession of jobs, Joey became the Fontaines' general handyman, the first job he truly enjoyed. He solved plumbing and electrical problems, built cabinets, and repaired the family's many vehicles. Soon, he had permission to charge materials to the Fontaine accounts and unfettered access to the property.

According to some sources, he also provided extra-legal services to support Mr. Fontaine's development business. Joey is thought to be responsible for several small fires, industrial accidents, and vandalism intended to sway public support for or against a project. However, he has never been arrested or charged with a crime.

He has been known to intercede—at Philip or Ashley's behest—to get Philip Fontaine's youngest son, Grant, out of difficult situations. Joey says he does it out of loyalty to Philip, but that doesn't stop him from voicing his disgust with Grant if someone asks.

At the Fontaine home, Joey is always on the lookout for any suspicious individuals that might be Grant's associates who could break into the place or sell drugs to Grant. Joey has been known to run these people off the property and then anonymously call the police and have them arrested.

Joey gets along well with the Fontaines' maid, Raquel Santos, even though he has had several confrontations with Raquel's live-in boyfriend, Benito Flores. On Raquel's strong recommendation, Joey hired Benny to help him around the Fontaine property but had to fire him in less than a month. Since then, Joey has reportedly caught Benito selling drugs to Grant numerous times and chased him away each time, infuriating Grant.

With all Joey does for the Fontaines, wife Stacy believes they should pay Joey more money, but Joey always says, "It doesn't make sense to bite the hand that feeds you, not when the fingers can close into a fist and knock out your teeth."

Neighbors report that the Beechers stay mostly to themselves and never cause any problems. If they fight, they do so privately.

Joey is proud to call himself a survivor. "Whatever else changes in this slippery world," he says, "I can always count on myself."



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