Kyle Parker interview

Kyle Parker is Ashley Fontaine's personal trainer and is rumored to be having an affair with her.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.

Thursday, July 16, 2020 – 3:39 p.m.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker: I'm sorry I'm late.

Detective Murphy: Hello, Mr. Parker. Thanks for coming in to talk to us today.

Kyle Parker: No problem. I don't see why we couldn't have done this at the gym or something. I generally like to stay out of police stations, if you know what I mean.

Detective Armstrong: No, I don't know what you mean.

Kyle Parker: Well, if you're in a police station, you've either done something wrong, or you're a victim. Either way, you're in trouble. I don't like being in trouble.

Detective Armstrong: You don't?

Kyle Parker: I'm joking, Detective. This big smile on my face? The noise I was making, which some people call "laughing"? Just trying to lighten the mood a little bit.

Detective Murphy: Well, you see, Detective Armstrong, he doesn't like to laugh about murder, but we appreciate your attempt to charm us a little bit.

Kyle Parker: Murder, huh? This is about Fontaine?

Detective Murphy: Yes. Before we go any further, can you please give us your name and address for the record?

Kyle Parker: I'm Kyle Parker. I live at 180 Courthouse Square.

Detective Murphy: And where are you employed, Mr. Parker?

Kyle Parker: I'm a personal trainer. I work at the Oxford Health Club, although I'll meet my clients anywhere that they would like.

Detective Murphy: Are you officially employed by the health club?

Kyle Parker: No, I'm not. I'm an independent contractor. Each time I train there with one of my clients, I give the club a percentage of my fee. And if I bring in a client who wants to join the club, they give me a percentage of that. We utilize each other's business to maximize our own enterprises.

Detective Murphy: How does your clientele break down on gender lines? Would you say you train more men or women?

Kyle Parker: Women. By a long shot. I probably only have one or two male clients.

Detective Murphy: Why would‒‒ do you think that is?

Kyle Parker: Men are too conceited to hire me. They think they can accomplish their fitness goals all by themselves with just reading Men's Health magazine. They read the articles and convince themselves that they look as good as some fitness model. So then they don't like to be brought back to reality. They don't want to be struggling to bench 150 with me standing there, looking down on them. I rep with about 200 or so. I do about 100 crunches a day. I do supersets until most of them would puke. They'd be too embarrassed to hire me.

Detective Armstrong: Do you support yourself entirely by personal training?

Kyle Parker: Yes, for the most part. I do a little modeling every now and then. Purely small-town type of thing. You might have seen me in a pullout for Dillard's in The Commercial Appeal a few weeks ago. You know, Detective Murphy, I could certainly make some room in my schedule if you wanted to start working out. Maybe for your job. We could work on your stamina? Your flexibility? Maybe do some—

Detective Murphy: The gym at the department is just fine, thank you.

Kyle Parker: Okay.

Detective Murphy: So, do you know Philip Fontaine?

Kyle Parker: Nope, can't say as I do. I mean, we might have met a couple of times, but I would never say that we were friends or anything. He probably wouldn't even remember me.

Detective Murphy: Do you remember where you met him?

Kyle Parker: Well, his wife, Ashley, is one of my clients, so I know her very well. I think one night I was at Bouré, and Philip and Ashley were there. Ash mentioned that Philip was there entertaining some business associates, and I said hello. And there may have been once or twice where I passed him in the driveway at the Fontaine house.

Detective Murphy: So, would you say your relationship with Ashley Fontaine was entirely professional?

Kyle Parker: Why, Detective, are you asking that because of professional interest or for personal reasons?

Detective Armstrong: Just answer the damn question.

Kyle Parker: No, we weren't just professional associates.

Detective Murphy: I'm a little surprised you would say that.

Kyle Parker: Why? I have nothing to hide.

Detective Armstrong: Then how would you describe your relationship with the Widow Fontaine?

Kyle Parker: We're friends. What did you expect me to say? Ashley's a very nice, very sweet woman. We've spent a lot of time together, so naturally, we're friends.

Detective Armstrong: Naturally.

Kyle Parker: My personality is how I make my money, Detective. Any meathead can tell you to contract your pecs when finishing a dumbbell fly. Any gym caveman can tell you to go for the full range of motion and squeeze when doing a lateral deltoid raise. But I take the time to get to know my clients. I treat them like human beings. Like women. I don't just spend time with them and keep my eye on the clock. I develop the relationships. And they appreciate my ability to be discreet.

Detective Murphy: So you'd say your relationship with Ashley Fontaine was on a more social basis?

Kyle Parker: Yes. Her husband was often so busy with work, she was quite lonely. We would go to the movies or to dinner. I helped her watch her diet, so often, we would make an outing of grocery shopping.

Detective Armstrong: Did her husband know about these "outings," as you call them?

Kyle Parker: As far as I know.

Detective Murphy: Oh, so you're acknowledging that Mr. Fontaine knew about your affair with his wife?

Kyle Parker: I acknowledged nothing of the sort.

Detective Armstrong: So then you regularly work out with your clients late at night at hotels? I believe the Ole Miss Motel was your preferred gymnasium.

Detective Murphy: Let's cut to the chase, Mr. Parker. We have evidence that you checked in regularly to that motel late at night. We have eyewitness testimony, and we have credit card receipts. So spare me your coy act, keep the sleazy charm to a minimum, and just tell us the truth.

Kyle Parker: Why, sweetheart! I'm shocked that you would accuse me of such unpleasantness. You've been listening to all that nasty town gossip.

Detective Murphy: Would I catch your attention if I not only accused you of having an affair but also of murder?

Kyle Parker: Okay, that's not funny.

Detective Murphy: I promise you I'm not trying to be funny.

Kyle Parker: I didn't kill Philip Fontaine. You can accuse me of a lot of things—I'll grant you that—but I'm just trying to survive.

Detective Armstrong: Is that what you call it? Surviving? Mooching off women?

Kyle Parker: Oh, please. Don't lecture me. What am I doing that's so wrong, huh? What about equal rights? What have I done that women haven't been doing since time began? What's wrong with having women support me?

Detective Murphy: Can we please get back on track here?

Kyle Parker: Detective Murphy, you must understand. I had a hard life. What with my parents' early death and all, maybe I don't have the strength that you do to deal with obstacles. Maybe I'm not up to your standards. You know, if I'd had a role model like you when I was growing up… I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of—

Detective Murphy: Oh, come on. Spare me the crocodile tears and the sad, sad stories.

Kyle Parker: Look! I didn't kill anybody. End of story.

Detective Murphy: Where were you on the night of the murder?

Kyle Parker: I was with Ashley at the Ole Miss Motel! How could I have murdered her husband if I was with her?

Detective Armstrong: Not so discreet now, huh? Old Mr. Smooth isn't so coy now.

Kyle Parker: You know what? Screw you, Detective. I ain't taking the rap for no broad. Just because I was banging a married woman doesn't mean I'm a killer.

Detective Murphy: So who did it then? I mean, you had plenty of motive. Fontaine finds out about your affair with his wife, he divorces Ashley, and you're out of money.

Detective Armstrong: Seems like a motive to me, Detective Murphy.

Detective Murphy: It does to me too, Detective Armstrong.

Kyle Parker: We were there all night!

Detective Murphy: All night? You're sure about that? What time exactly were you there?

Kyle Parker: I— I don't remember. Why are you attacking me this way? Surely you can look into my eyes and see I'm not a killer.

Detective Murphy: Oh, I don't need to look into your eyes to see that you are a sleazy con man and a leech. So just answer the questions now.

Kyle Parker: I think we checked in around 9:00.

Detective Murphy: How long did you stay?

Kyle Parker: Well, I believe Ashley might have left around midnight. Maybe quarter after or so.

Detective Murphy: She left alone?

Kyle Parker: Yeah.

Detective Armstrong: What did you do?

Kyle Parker: I stayed in the room for a while. I was watching a movie on HBO. And then I think I left around 2:30.

Detective Murphy: Did anyone see you? Is there anyone that can verify that?

Kyle Parker: No, they cannot verify that! What do you think? I was walking around broadcasting my presence? I was nailing a married woman, for Christ's sake. It's not something you do to attract attention.

Detective Armstrong: That may be the first honest thing you've said all night.

Kyle Parker: I'm sorry I lost my cool, Sam.

Detective Murphy: Detective Murphy.

Kyle Parker: Detective Murphy. Look, I snuck out of the hotel, but I was there the whole time.

Detective Murphy: Nobody saw you going home?

Kyle Parker: No. You've got to believe me. I—

Detective Armstrong: You know, I just thought of something. Fontaine was murdered, and there was a pretty big struggle. Now, Ashley Fontaine, the cheating wife, she stands to inherit all of his money, but there's not a scratch on her. But her big, strong, handsome personal trainer boyfriend, he could easily take care of a 64-year-old—

Kyle Parker: Stop that! I didn't do it.

Detective Murphy: Weren't you just bragging about how strong you are and how men won't even work out around you? Well, you— ripped guy like you? You wouldn't have any trouble with Philip Fontaine.

Kyle Parker: But I didn't!

Detective Armstrong: Are you sure?

Kyle Parker: Of course, I'm sure! Look at me! Do I have any bumps or bruises on me?

Detective Armstrong: So the old man didn't lay a glove on you when you killed him?

Kyle Parker: He didn't hit me because I wasn't there. Did he— did he have his cane?

Detective Armstrong: We'll ask the questions here, Parker.

Kyle Parker: No, he had to have his cane. Ashley said he even walked around the house with the damn thing. Look at me. Do I look like I've been beat with a cane? Go find somebody who's been messed up with a damn cane!

Detective Murphy: How about Ashley?

Kyle Parker: Ashley will vouch for me! We were together for all that time. She'll tell you.

Detective Murphy: I didn't mean that. I want to know about Ashley's involvement in this. I mean, if she masterminded this plot to kill Fontaine for his money and you were to help us out with that, well, we might be able to work out a deal for you.

Kyle Parker: But there wasn't any plot. Why won't you believe me? God, you must hate me.

Detective Murphy: Tell us about Ashley and her involvement.

Kyle Parker: I don't know. I just don't know anything about it. She didn't like her husband. I mean, we enjoyed our affair. The sex was great, but murder? I just don't know. You know, now that I think about it, she might've had it in her. She was always mad at Fontaine, you know. It's not something we talked about, but— it's not something I could have stopped from happening, but you know, she might have been willing.

Detective Murphy: Has anyone ever told you that you really look like a girl when you do that?

Kyle Parker: Do what?

Detective Murphy: Bat your eyes like that.

Kyle Parker: I wasn't.

Detective Armstrong: You're just making stuff up now, trying to throw us onto Ashley Fontaine. You sleazy punk. You see us looking at you, and then all of a sudden, Ashley Fontaine is capable of murder.

Kyle Parker: I was just saying that—

Detective Murphy: I think you're right. We're done here. All we're going to get out of this guy is more of his con. Parker, we're through. But I want you to think about those murder charges. Hey, I hear prison workouts are really popular right now.

Detective Armstrong: I love seeing a grown man cry.

Interview ended – 3:57 p.m.



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