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Stacy Beecher interview

Saturday, July 11, 2020 – 3:01 p.m.

Stacy Beecher is married to Philip Fontaine's handyman, Joey Beecher. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Stacy Beecher

Detective Armstrong: For the record, could you please state your name and address?

Stacy Beecher: My name is Stacy Beecher, and I live at 1172 Magnolia in Oxford.

Detective Murphy: One of the Fontaine developments.

Stacy Beecher: Yeah.

Detective Armstrong: Your husband was Fontaine's handyman?

Stacy Beecher: That's right.

Detective Armstrong: We've heard your husband was well-paid.

Stacy Beecher: Not for all the work he did. He should've gotten lots more for all the jobs he did. Fontaine's a cheapskate.

Detective Murphy: That so?

Stacy Beecher: Yeah. Joey did all kinds of jobs for Fontaine.

Detective Murphy: What kind of jobs?

Stacy Beecher: Other than repair? I couldn't say.

Detective Murphy: You just said all kinds of jobs. What did Joey tell you?

Stacy Beecher: He didn't. He said they weren't pretty, and I didn't want to know.

Detective Armstrong: What do you think?

Stacy Beecher: I think Joey would do anything for the Fontaine family and that they're ingrates. That's what I think.

Detective Murphy: Did your husband ever talk about the Fontaines?

Stacy Beecher: Sure. Who else would he talk to, except maybe Will down at the bar?

Detective Armstrong: Philip and Ashley Fontaine, they had a good marriage, right?

Stacy Beecher: Not at all. Everyone in town has heard the rumors.

Detective Armstrong: We know about the rumors. What did your husband say?

Stacy Beecher: He said the rumors were true, that each one of them was stepping out on the other.

Detective Murphy: So who are these people?

Stacy Beecher: Fontaine had a thing going with this personal trainer, Dawn Thurman. Ashley's slutting around with Kyle Parker. He's also a trainer at the health club. Joey told me.

Detective Murphy: How did Joey know?

Stacy Beecher: He said Fontaine had him follow Ashley. Then that gold digger Dawn wanted a new TV or something. Fontaine bought her one and sent Joey to install it.

Detective Murphy: When did Joey tell you?

Stacy Beecher: A couple, three weeks ago.

Detective Armstrong: How did Joey feel about all that?

Stacy Beecher: He'd just shrug and say it was the best job he'd ever had.

Detective Murphy: How did you feel?

Stacy Beecher: Rich people. The way they throw money and everything else away. Disgusting. We should be so lucky.

Detective Armstrong: What did you do last night, Mrs. Beecher?

Stacy Beecher: Joey got a call from Fontaine. I told him not to go, but he said the boss needed something done. We had a big fight. Then he left for the Fontaines'. I stayed home and watched TV.

Detective Armstrong: What did you two fight about?

Stacy Beecher: Like I already told you, Fontaine's getting a good guy on the cheap. Joey's a fool not to ask for more. I told him so.

Detective Armstrong: What time did Joey come home?

Stacy Beecher: I was asleep. Probably after midnight, but when I woke up at about 1:00, he was snoring and stinking to high heaven of booze.

Detective Murphy: So Joey didn't go to Fontaine's?

Stacy Beecher: I don't know. All I know is he was drunk when he came home. Probably spent the night at The Roadhouse. He's there a lot.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Beecher, do you own any knives?

Stacy Beecher: Sure, kitchen knives.

Detective Murphy: May we take a look at them?

Stacy Beecher: Take them, if you want. I've been meaning to get some nicer ones anyway. One broke recently.

Detective Murphy: Just how did that happen?

Stacy Beecher: Last week, when I was rearranging the kitchen. It fell on the floor, and I stepped on it on accident.

Detective Murphy: Did you cut your foot?

Stacy Beecher: I was wearing shoes.

Detective Armstrong: So you were at home alone last night from after 7:00 p.m. until after 1:00 a.m.?

Stacy Beecher: I said that, yeah.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you, Mrs. Beecher. We may want to speak with you again.

Stacy Beecher: Great.

Interview ended – 3:19 p.m.



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