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Kenny Ross interview

Sunday, July 12, 2020 – 4:39 p.m.

Kenny Ross is currently incarcerated for possession and distribution of cocaine.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Marshall County Correctional Facility in Holly Springs, MS.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Kenny Ross

Detective Murphy: For the record, please state your name and address.

Kenny Ross: Kenny Ross. The lease on my apartment expired, but the State of Mississippi has been kind enough to give me a place to stay.

Detective Armstrong: What have you heard about the Fontaine murder?

Kenny Ross: Nothing.

Detective Armstrong: That's unusual. I thought Kenny knew all.

Kenny Ross: If nobody's talking, there's nothing to hear.

Detective Murphy: Are people keeping secrets from you, Kenny?

Kenny Ross: Not if they know what's good for them.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe the house burglarized itself and then killed its owner just to throw a wrench into the investigation.

Kenny Ross: Stranger things have happened. You know, I'm missing my recreation time. I should get back to my cell.

Detective Armstrong: You like it here at the correctional facility, huh?

Kenny Ross: Great place. You guys should spend a little time here. I know some people who would take care of you real well. Maybe if you could see to it I spent a little less time here, I might be able to help you.

Detective Murphy: You answer our questions, and we'll see what we can do.

Kenny Ross: Probably the best I can do. Shoot.

Detective Murphy: You know Grant Fontaine?

Kenny Ross: Grunt? Sure, I know him.

Detective Murphy: You ever sell to him?

Kenny Ross: Why do you ask?

Detective Murphy: This is about a murder, Kenny. We're not going to jam you up over what you did or didn't sell to him.

Kenny Ross: Sure, I sold to Grunt. As if he didn't have money to burn, he squeezed me out of the picture when someone else came along with a better price.

Detective Murphy: Who would that be?

Kenny Ross: A guy named Benito.

Detective Armstrong: You got a last name?

Kenny Ross: Flores, but to be honest, I've seen prettier flowers.

Detective Armstrong: You know how he got to Grant?

Kenny Ross: He was doing odd jobs for the old man when he started to sell to Grunt. Talk about immature and having a temper. All I did was say his woman looked hot and bammo! Kenny takes one to the jaw.

Detective Murphy: What happened?

Kenny Ross: Had to play it cool. Mamacita Raquel was ready to call you guys, and I wasn't looking to meet and greet any cops that day.

Detective Armstrong: You were holding.

Kenny Ross: Teach me to walk around with it. How come you two haven't busted him yet? The man's a crook.

Detective Murphy: He's innocent, like you.

Kenny Ross: Right. Don't worry. He'll get his. A hothead who steals customers, he's going to find himself floating down the Mississippi some dark night. Not that I would have anything to do with it. I'm a changed man.

Detective Armstrong: What do you hear about Joey Beecher?

Kenny Ross: Bad news. He's a short-timer too. Joey's making a lot of enemies. Even threw me off the property once, hit me when I wasn't looking. He knows it's coming. He's getting ready.

Detective Murphy: Ready for what?

Kenny Ross: The turn of the wheel. That's why he sticks with Fontaine. He's building a bankroll.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe Fontaine protects him.

Kenny Ross: That dolt? He doesn't know half of what goes on in that house. If he did, Joey would be part of somebody's foundation.

Detective Murphy: Tell us more about Grant. Does he owe any money?

Kenny Ross: As of yesterday, $11,500. Today, I don't know yet.

Detective Armstrong: He owe it all to one person, or is he spreading the lack of wealth?

Kenny Ross: I hear several dealers are waiting for his ship to come in. Maybe it has. He's sure to get a piece of the estate, maybe some insurance. Of course, now it's way too late for Grunt to post my bail, so I can't say I really care much either way.

Detective Murphy: You ever hear anything linking Grant and Ashley?

Kenny Ross: That's disgusting. She's his mother: a real yummy mommy, that one.

Detective Armstrong: Go on.

Kenny Ross: You got eyes. She was probably having fun with the burglar when Fontaine came home and interrupted.

Detective Murphy: Is that the story making the rounds?

Kenny Ross: Like I said, it's been dead quiet.

Detective Armstrong: Keep talking.

Kenny Ross: Word is she's had some guy from the gym on the side for a while. I know that much. Maybe she decided that muscle is more important than money. Maybe she was just looking for some muscle too dumb to ask questions.

Detective Murphy: You have a kind word for everybody.

Kenny Ross: My granny always taught me to be polite.

Detective Armstrong: What's the consensus on Bruno Coleman?

Kenny Ross: Another upstanding citizen. Maybe the whole bunch of them killed Fontaine together like in that old movie. Of course, then they'd all be tripping over themselves to back-stab and cut deals.

Detective Murphy: You think Bruno could be behind the burglary?

Kenny Ross: He's really weird, that one. He threatened me once, told me not to sell to Grunt.

Detective Murphy: Why's that?

Kenny Ross: Search me. Grunt, he was more trouble than his business was worth. If he ever came to me asking for credit, I would have dumped him in a second.

Detective Murphy: So what about Bruno?

Kenny Ross: He's not exactly burglar material. And him and Fontaine have had it in for each other for so long, Bruno wouldn't settle for such a quick and simple death. When you have time to dwell on things like he has, you imagine a much more complicated revenge.

Detective Armstrong: Who's your money on?

Kenny Ross: Joey. I also placed a side bet that he's got something going with Ashley and making trouble for Grunt. A real prince among men.

Detective Murphy: Did you get good odds?

Kenny Ross: They change on a daily basis as new evidence comes to light.

Detective Armstrong: Is there anything that hasn't filtered down to us working stiffs yet?

Kenny Ross: I'd hate to spoil the surprise.

Detective Murphy: Have we missed anybody significant? Tell us that, at least.

Kenny Ross: The warden. Bring him in for questioning, and half the guys in here will talk your ears off; maybe solve some cold cases for you.

Detective Armstrong: That's an interesting idea.

Kenny Ross: You never know. Maybe the warden did do it. Don't be surprised if he says he's innocent, though. It goes with the territory.

Detective Armstrong: Yeah. Everything you say is the truth, and everyone in prison is innocent.

Detective Murphy: This has been so much fun, I'm almost sorry you got busted. Of course, if you hadn't, you wouldn't be so willing to talk.

Kenny Ross: You get tired of the same faces all the time inside. Besides, my meeting with you, it keeps people guessing. Hey, you two don't forget this favor, huh?

Detective Murphy: Like I said, we'll see what we can do.

Interview ended – 5:04 p.m.





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