Oxford youths find bone

Crime Beat reports… local children find human bone at construction site.

Surveillance leads to discovery

The Kudzu Kids were shooting video of their exploration when they found the bone.

Caught by UPD

Soon after they found the bone, the Kudzu Kids were intercepted by University police.

Who are the Kudzu Kids?

The Kudzu Kids provide a little info about themselves and their interests.

The university's history

The Kudzu Kids take a brief look at the history of the University of Mississippi…

About the Y Building

The Kudzu Kids describe the Y Building, where they found the bone.

Professor's angry phone call

Hunter recorded a phone call his dad had with another professor about their bone discovery.

Charles Lowry biography

Biography DOB: June 8, 1958 Occupation: History professor, Univ. of MS Hometown: Tupelo, MS Relationship to…

Controversial conference idea rejected again

From the Oxford Weekly Planet archives… Ole Miss history professor's "imaginative history" conference proposal denied…

Professor Lowry interview

The Kudzu Kids tried to talk to Professor Lowry about the bone they found.

Professor Lowry's trash

The Kudzu Kids took a look at Professor Lowry's trash when he wasn't looking.

Rejection letter

The Kudzu Kids found a rejection letter from a publisher in Professor Lowry's trash.

Request for security

The Kudzu Kids found a memo to the chair of the history department in Professor…

Gramps emails info

Rachel asked her grandfather, a retired police officer and private investigator, to help the Kudzu…

Janitor interview

The Kudzu Kids asked the janitor cleaning Professor Lowry's office if he'd seen anything suspicious.

CSA soldier Beauchamp letter

The Kudzu Kids found a letter from Southern soldier John Lucas Beauchamp III in the…

CSA soldier Stark letter

The Kudzu Kids found a letter from Southern soldier I.T. Stark in the university library.

CSA soldier Jackson letter

The Kudzu Kids found a letter from Southern soldier Cleveland Jackson in the university library.

Ole Miss and the Civil War

Rachel shared an excerpt of a report she wrote on the University of Mississippi during…

The University Greys

Rachel shared an excerpt of a report she wrote on the University Greys, a group…

Video message from Gramps

The Kudzu Kids got some inside info from Rachel and Hunter's grandfather, who's been helping…

College students reveal campus tunnels

The Kudzu Kids talked to a couple of college students who showed them some tunnels…

Mildred Shegog interview

The Kudzu Kids found a lady with the last name Shegog living in Oxford and…

Mildred Shegog biography

Biography DOB: January 8, 1927Occupation: RetireeHometown: Pascagoula, MSRelationship to case: One of her ancestors may be…

Shegog wins pageant

From the Oxford Weekly Planet archives… Oxonian Mildred Shegog wins Ms. Senior Mississippi.

Shegog family tree

The Kudzu Kids found some interesting things among the general's papers in Mrs. Shegog's attic,…

General Shegog biography

Biography DOB: January 4, 1800Occupation: 19th century politician and CSA generalHometown: Memphis, TNRelationship to case: Subject…

General Shegog's poem

The Kudzu Kids found a poem in Mrs. Shegog's attic that was apparently written by…

General Shegog's journal

The Kudzu Kids found General Shegog's journal in Mrs. Shegog's attic.

Attempted Kevin Stark interview

The Kudzu Kids tracked down that phone number they found in Professor Lowry's trash.

Hand-drawn map

The Kudzu Kids found a possible clue to whatever Kevin Stark is hiding.

1861 campus map

After they found what Kevin Stark was doing, the Kudzu Kids located a map of…

Rachel's video message

Rachel sent a video message to her granddaddy, asking for help with a few more…

Gramps emails a reply

Rachel and Hunter's granddaddy replied to Rachel's message with some answers, some new info, and…

Prof. Lowry tenure memo

The Kudzu Kids got a copy of a memo Professor Lowry sent to the tenure…

Map combo

The Kudzu Kids figured out how to combine the hand-drawn map with the 1861 map…

Rachel's case notes

Rachel has been using her time away to review the evidence and figure out where…

Kudzu Kids emails

The Kudzu Kids have been staying in touch with each other by email while Rachel's…

Zach texts Rachel

Rachel received some disturbing text messages from Zach on Sunday evening.

Voicemail messages

Rachel found out about some alarming voicemail messages about the other Kudzu Kids.

Kudzu Kids reported missing

From the Oxford Weekly Planet Crime Beat… the Kudzu Kids are missing.

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