Rachel's video message

Rachel asked her grandfather for help with a few more questions

Rachel had to go out of town on a short trip, but she's still working on the investigation while the rest of the Kudzu Kids explore leads in Oxford.

After reviewing the evidence they've collected so far, Rachel asked her granddaddy for help with a few more questions.

Hey, Grandpa.

If you couldn't guess, I'm in Jackson at Mom's house. But I wish I was back home with Hunter and all them. They're having all the fun.

Anyway, there was a question I wanted to ask you about Professor Lowry. Why would he want to hide the bone in the Y Building when his research was already secret? And another thing. Why would he want a bone anyway?

And something else. About the janitor we interviewed, Jerry Boyce. When Zach and I followed Kevin Stark up to the professor's office, there was a different janitor taking out the garbage.

If you can get to the bottom of this one, I'll get Mom to make you some kudzu jelly.

Love you. Bye.


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