gordon-snyderGordon Snyder has been friends with Ronny Brandt for more than a decade, dating back to before Hurricane Katrina when both of them lived in Biloxi.

marianna-yorkMarianna York's husband Mason has been working with RJ Brandt for the last few years. Marianna and Mason are also foster parents to younger children.

mason-yorkAccountant and foster parent Mason York took RJ Brandt under his wing at the request of the minister at their church.

man3Andy Brandt is Ronny Brandt's older brother. Andy has stayed with Ronny's family periodically since his move to Oxford.

tattoo-boyTristan Lowell's parents died several years ago. He and RJ Brandt found common ground in their shared experience of loss and became friends.

Peter-VicknairPeter Vicknair has always had a passion for science and became a teacher so he could introduce students to the wonders of the natural world.

ronny-brandtRonny Brandt tamed some of his wild ways when his son RJ was born. When his family lost their Biloxi home to a hurricane, Ronny had to grow up even more.

motherHeather Brandt had son RJ when she was 19. She, husband Ronny and RJ were relocated to Oxford after Hurricane Katrina hit their hometown of Biloxi, MS.

boy-bones212-year-old RJ Brandt is known as a troubled kid, which many attribute to ordeals in his early childhood. On March 16, 2012, he brought a skull to school.


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