Biography: Tristan Lowell

Tristan Lowell was born in Oxford, Mississippi on May 3, 1996, the only child of Kellie and Daniel Lowell. Since 2005 when his parents died in a car accident on Highway 10, he has been raised by his maternal grandparents, Mabel and George (Bubba) Specter.

Tristan was always an introspective child who preferred to read, listen to music, and build models of castles. The death of his parents made him grow even more insular and isolated from the people around him. Finally, he turned to the Internet for consolation. There he discovered people who found a beauty in his pain and depression as reflected in dark literature and music.

His melancholy persona proved to be a magnet for RJ Brandt, their friendship developing out of their shared depression, anger, and belief that life was unfair.

Despite his attitude, Tristan is a straight A student at Oxford High School. After graduating, he hopes to attend Pepperdine University where he plans to study literature.

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