Under Glass under scrutiny

From the Oxford Weekly Planet archives: Concerned Oxford Parents protest local streaming entertainment venture.

Incident report

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a man deceased at a Muirfield Drive address.

Kenny Ross bio

After some setbacks, Kenny is turning his life around.

Kenny Ross interview

The detectives spoke to the man who found the body

Mackenzie Collins bio

Since she was a young teen, Mackenzie has had to be increasingly self-sufficient.

Mackenzie Collins interview

The detectives talked with Mackenzie, who has lived at Under Glass for just over a year.

Lacey Mitchell bio

Lacey is dedicated to achieving her goals for the future.

Lacey Mitchell interview

The detectives talked to Lacey, who has lived at Under Glass for about a year.

Tanya Ryder bio

Tanya has been honing her brand as a social media influencer since high school.

Tanya Ryder interview

The detectives interviewed Tanya, who has lived at Under Glass for about 16 months.

Jessi Lee bio

Jessi dreams of working internationally after earning her degree.

Jessi Lee interview

The detectives spoke with Jessi, who has lived at Under Glass for about two weeks.

Ben Morgan bio

Ben's faith and his principles guide everything in his life.

Ben Morgan interview

The detectives talked with the leader of the protesters picketing Under Glass.

Protester canvass

Investigators spoke to the people who were picketing outside the Under Glass house.

Neighbor canvass

Investigators spoke to people who live near the Under Glass house.

Shiloh Bates bio

Shiloh learned to love the spotlight in child beauty pageants.

Shiloh Bates interview

Detective Magee talked to one of the recently evicted housemates.

Wyatt Yancey bio

Wyatt grew up in the shadow of his older brothers.

Wyatt Yancey interview

Detective Beckwith spoke to the other recently evicted housemate.

Business owner slain

The Crime Beat reports: Controversial figure found murdered

Crime scene inventory

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence at the Under Glass property.

Hoyt Biffle bio

Hoyt grew up in Texas, later worked in Louisiana, and later settled in Oxford.

Biffle residence inventory

Investigators compiled a preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence at Hoyt Biffle's home.

Birdie Tarver bio

A lifelong photographer, Birdie supports her artistic work with freelance gigs.

Birdie Tarver interview

The detectives talked with Hoyt's ex-girlfriend to learn more about their relationship.

Alden Puckett bio

Alden grew up in Texas and later came to Oxford to work at Ole Miss.

June Puckett interview

The detectives didn't find Alden Puckett at home but spoke with his wife.

BOLO – Alden Puckett

The detectives issued a BOLO to try to locate Hoyt's former mentor.

Status report

This status report summarizing investigative efforts to corroborate witness alibis was added to the case file.

Zina Jacinto bio

Zina is a longtime resident of her northwest Oxford neighborhood.

Zina Jacinto interview

A neighbor of Under Glass approached the detectives with some information.

Opal Tinley interview

The detectives visited the neighbor Zina mentioned might have some information.

Kenny Ross interview #2

The detectives asked Kenny to come in to answer some more questions.

Ezekiel Evans bio

Zeke has always enjoyed leveraging his talents for excitement and income.

Ezekiel Evans interview

The detectives drove to Holly Springs to speak to an old friend of Hoyt's.

Alden Puckett interview

The detectives located Alden outside Coldwater, Mississippi.

Puckett cabin inventory

The detectives took some items into evidence at Alden Puckett's cabin.

Thomas Eldon bio

Thomas is an Oxford native, a Harvard graduate, and a prominent local attorney.

Thomas Eldon interview

The detectives met with Hoyt's attorney to learn about Hoyt's legal affairs

Biffle email message

Hoyt's attorney provided a copy of an email he and others received from Hoyt.

Former Under Glass resident canvass

Investigators spoke to people who previously lived at Under Glass.

Shiloh Bates interview #2

The detectives had some follow-up questions for Shiloh.

Wyatt Yancey interview #2

The detectives wanted to see if Wyatt could provide any additional information.

Kenny Ross interview #3

The detectives pressed Kenny for more information about some missing items.

Search – Kenny Ross

YCSD investigators searched Kenny's residence and vehicle for evidence in the Hoyt Biffle death investigation.

Donovan Walker bio

Don's life has always followed an unconventional path.

Donovan Walker interview

The detectives visited Birdie's boyfriend to ask about his and Birdie's relationships with Hoyt.

Sofia Summerset interview

The detectives spoke to Don's assistant about what Don told them.

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