A hit and run incident led to a surprising discovery

A 911 caller reported a hit and run incident at 107 Pearidge Road.

An officer investigating another incident made a shocking discovery

The investigation of an alleged hit and run led to the discovery of another incident.

Caroline overcame devastating loss and achieved her dream

Caroline drifted until she found her dream job, which helped her through hard times.

Mailbox mishap leads to murder

The Crime Beat reports: Neighbor sees Santa fleeing the scene

Bonnie called 911 when she saw Santa hit and run across the street from her house

The detectives asked Bonnie about the hit and run incident she saw near her residence.

Items taken into evidence in the Jordan homicide investigation

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of evidence collected in the Caroline Jordan homicide investigation.

Morgan had a rough childhood before he was adopted

After a turbulent childhood, Morgan settled into a good life in Yoknaptawpha County.

What crime did Morgan admit committing the night Caroline was killed?

What crime did Morgan Pierce admit to committing the night Caroline Jordan was killed?

Gary and Carly have been friends since they were kids

When he's not deployed overseas, Gary works with his old friend Carly in Oxford.

What insight did Gary have into the life of his longtime friend, Carly

What did Caroline's friend, neighbor, and co-worker, Gary, have to say about her murder?

Nancy had worked hard for the few things she's gotten in her life

Nancy has always struggled to rise above her circumstances despite twists of fate against her.

Is Nancy telling all she knows about Caroline and her other co-workers?

Was Caroline's co-worker Nancy her friend, her enemy, or her frenemy?

Danny has a lot of free time when he isn't accountable to anyone

Danny has always been a free spirit, but he invariably manages to get by.

Danny appears far more interested in partying than in his co-workers

How did Danny describe his co-workers to the detectives?

After a traumatic childhood, Eli seems to be in a good place in his life now

Eli struggled through a painful childhood but seems to have finally landed on his feet.

Was Eli really as ambivalent about his co-worker Caroline Jordan as he sounds?

Was Eli really as ambivalent about his co-worker Caroline Jordan as he sounds?

Jessica has always been more focused on her social life than anything else

Jessica is working several part-time jobs while she waits for her boyfriend to propose.

Was Jessica really OK with losing the full-time job to Caroline?

What insights into the interpersonal relationships at Santa's Toy Shoppe did Jessica give the detectives?

Billy has always worked hard to achieve his goals

After a devastating event in his youth, Billy has dedicated himself to achieving his goals.

Did Billy really think Caroline was just OK?

How did Billy characterize Caroline's relationships with her male co-workers?

Matt considers himself a ladies man who can't be tied down to one woman

Matt considers himself a ladies man who can't be tied down to one woman.

Was Matt interested in Carly as more than a co-worker?

Who did Matt say was still at Caroline's party when he left?

The Crime Lab performed a rush analysis of the knife found at the crime scene

The Crime Lab conducted a rush preliminary analysis of the knife found at the crime scene.

Does Bonnie's info about a possible love triangle shed new light on this case?

What new information did Bonnie Duncan have for the detectives?

Is Morgan's story about the night of the murder believable?

Did Morgan confess to any more crimes when he talked to the detectives again?


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