Danny appears far more interested in partying than in his co-workers

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 – 2:20 p.m.

Danny Sullivan worked with Caroline Jordan and was at her party the night she was killed.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Danny Sullivan

Detective Armstrong: Nice to see you again, Danny. Please state your name and address for the record.

Danny Sullivan: Yeah, nice to see you too. Only this time, you can't lock me up. Oh sorry, 44 County Road 3151 right here in good old Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: Do you live alone there? That's an apartment complex, correct?

Danny Sullivan: Yep, it sure is. I live there with my wife and my little boy. Now, what do you need from me? I'm ready to get my drink on.

Detective Armstrong: Of course you are. Do I need to keep a cell warm for you tonight? I was half-expecting you to list the department as your home address.

Danny Sullivan: Oh, now, I've only stayed in your lovely drink tank four times, tops.

Detective Murphy: Danny, we know you were at Caroline Jordan's party the night she was killed. Can you tell us who all was there? First and last names, please.

Danny Sullivan: Sure. Umm… me, Eli Rice, Matt Dixon, Morgan Pierce, Nancy Ford, Billy Colby, Gary Gibson, Jess Hamilton… and… Carly.

Detective Armstrong: Did you like Carly?

Danny Sullivan: I could take her or leave her. I had no strong feelings for her either way. I was only hired to help out during the busy season, and then I'll be gone like a shot of whiskey. I'm not there to make friends.

Detective Murphy: Did all of the employees get along with Caroline?

Danny Sullivan: I think so.

Detective Murphy: Tell us a little about your co-workers.

Danny Sullivan: Well, Matt is full of himself. He thinks he's a real ladies man. He isn't.

Detective Murphy: Go on.

Danny Sullivan: Nancy is funny. She always makes me laugh. Caroline was stuffy, and Morgan, well… he's an okay boss.

Detective Murphy: What about Eli?

Danny Sullivan: Eli is a fellow partier, and he likes to cause fights. "Scrappy" is what I call him. At the party, he told me Carly was uppity and needed to come back down to earth with the rest of us.

Detective Murphy: And Gary?

Danny Sullivan: The Jesus freak, always trying to save someone's soul. He's a nice fella, though. Seems like him and Carly were pretty close.

Detective Murphy: And the others?

Danny Sullivan: Jessica, I don't know anything about her. She's dull. And Billy's okay, kinda odd but a cool guy.

Detective Armstrong: Did everyone leave the party around the same time?

Danny Sullivan: Not that I remember. I think the Jesus freak was the first to go. I saw him leave but didn't notice him telling anyone "bye." After that, we all got into the booze and were all feeling no pain.

Detective Murphy: Did anyone there have reason to kill Caroline?

Danny Sullivan: Not that I know of.

Detective Armstrong: Did any of the employees typically hang out together after work?

Danny Sullivan: I've partied with Eli a few times, and I've seen Carly, Matt, and Nancy together at The Roadhouse before. They were all at the same table, and I joined them for a few minutes one night.

Detective Murphy: Was your wife with you at the party?

Danny Sullivan: Are you kidding? Amber doesn't party, but she always knows where I am. She's okay with me going out without her as long as I come home when it's bedtime. Unless I stay the night with you all. Then she just expects that phone call. Hah!

Detective Murphy: She sounds like a very trusting woman.

Danny Sullivan: I'm faithful. She knows it. Listen, guys, I don't know anything else. All I'm 100% sure of is I didn't kill Carly.

Detective Armstrong: Do you remember what she was doing the last time you saw her? Who she was talking to?

Danny Sullivan: She was showing everyone that stupid knife as I was leaving. Everyone thought it was so funny. It was just a regular knife with some fake blood on it. I wasn't impressed.

Detective Armstrong: Did you touch the knife, Danny?

Danny Sullivan: I think I held it, but it was in a sealed package. Someone gave it to her for Christmas, and it was under her tree with a big green bow on it.

Detective Murphy: It wasn't opened?

Danny Sullivan: Nah. Hey, I love spending time with you two, but I really need to go and celebrate.

Detective Armstrong: Celebrate what?

Danny Sullivan: My day off. Can I go?

Detective Armstrong: Sure. We may need to talk you again, though.

Danny Sullivan: Okay, but next time, try to make it on a workday, would you? Later.

Interview ended – 3:12 p.m.


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