Canvass of witness at the scene of Diane Coates's deathYCSD investigators interviewed witnesses who were present at the time Diane Coates collapsed at the YCCC.

Sandra MossThe detectives talked to Sandra Moss about her employee Diane Coates the morning after Mrs. Coates passed away.

Milo Moss provided first aid after the victim's collapseThe detectives spoke to Milo Moss, who was at the reception when Diane Coates collapsed and provided first aid until the EMTS arrived.

Rupert Coates spoke to detectives the morning after his wife's deathThe detectives spoke to Diane Coates's husband the morning after she passed away.

Kate Sugarman spoke to the detectives about  Coates.

Kate Sugarman spoke to the detectives about her interactions with Diane Coates.

Kenneth Jay Jackson spoke to the detectives about Diane Coates

Kenneth Jay Jackson spoke to the detectives about his interactions with Diane Coates

Sylvia Payton worked with Diane CoatesSylvia Payton worked with Diane Coates and attended the conference where Mrs. Coates collapsed.

Bernadette Guthrie worked with Diane CoatesBernadette Guthrie worked with Diane Coates and spoke to Mrs. Coates just before she collapsed.

Landon Talley, the victim's lover

The detectives identified Landon Talley as the victim's lover, based on information other witnesses provided.

Detectives interviewed Genevieve Talley after speaking to her husband, the victim's loverThe detectives interviewed Ms. Talley after speaking with her husband earlier the same day.

John Lipinski, the victim's primary physicianThe detectives spoke with Diane Coates' primary physician, John Lipinski, about her medical history and current condition.

Elliot Fowler, the victim's pharmacistThe detectives followed up with Elliot Fowler, the victim's pharmacist, on what Dr. Lipinski said about her medications.

The detectives re-interviewed the victim's boss

The detectives talked to Sandra Moss again to get more info about her relationship with Diane Coates.

The detectives tried to get Landon Talley to tell them more about Diane Coates

The detectives spoke to Landon Talley again to find out more about Diane Coates and their affair.

Pharmacist Elliot Fowler provided some clarification about the victim's medication

The detectives asked Diane Coates' pharmacist for more info about her prescriptions and if he could ID the man who picked up her refill.

Rupert Coates clarified some of the detectives questions.

The detectives asked Rupert Coates to clarify some questions about his wife's work life and their marriage.


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