Incident report

A 911 caller reported finding a body in an office complex north of the Square.

Crime scene area map

Investigators put together an informal map of the crime scene and the surrounding area.

News report

The local news reports the scene where a controversial theatre director was found dead.

Rita Ashbury bio

Rita fought back from financial instability to a new phase of her life.

Rita Ashbury interview

The detectives spoke to the woman who found the body.

Andrea Stover bio

Andrea thrived on pushing boundaries and challenging preconceptions despite the risks.

Crime scene canvass

Investigators looked for witnesses among the other people who work in the office complex.

Community loved, loathed Stover

The Oxford Weekly Planet reports: Late director had long been a divisive figure

Artist found dead

The Crime Beat column reports: Theatre director's body found

Crime scene inventory

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the crime scene.

Crime scene area measurements

CSU documented the distances at the crime scene.

Crime scene location walk-through

CSU provided photos of various locations within the crime scene area.

Jerry & Irene Stover bio

Jerry and Irene always supported their daughter even when her choices distressed them.

Jerry & Irene Stover interview

Do Andrea's parents have any idea what or who might've led to her death?

Gretchen Doyle bio

Gretchen moved to Oxford for college and stayed after graduation.

Gretchen Doyle interview

The detectives spoke to Andrea's best friend about Andrea's recent activities.

Victim's residence inventory

With the Stovers' consent, the detectives searched Andrea's bedroom in her parents' home.

Rex Mickles bio

Rex was the Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted Andrea Stover and other members of Oxtales.

Rex Mickles interview

The detectives spoke to the prosecutor about the Oxtales case.

Ursula Raines bio

Ursula has always been passionate, sometimes to her detriment.

Ursula Raines interview

The detectives spoke with Ursula about Gretchen's whereabouts the night Andrea died.

Frank Tuttle bio

Frank has never followed the traditional path in work or love.

Frank Tuttle interview

The detectives spoke to Andrea's ex about their history and the theatre group.

Vincent Fischer bio

Vincent has long had a questionable reputation in dealing with women

Vincent Fischer interview

The detectives spoke to the parole officer assigned to Andrea's case about their interactions.

Dale King bio

A man of varied interests, Dale is committed to Oxtales despite the challenges.

Dale King interview

The detectives talked to Oxtales' assistant director about their controversial productions.

Henry Jackson bio

Henry has always dreamed of a life in the spotlight.

Henry Jackson interview

The detectives spoke to Oxtales' lead actor about Andrea's death.

Ben Morgan bio

Ben's faith and his principles guide everything in his life.

Ben Morgan interview

The detectives talked to the leader of the activist group, COP.

COP warning flyer

COP published a flyer alerting the community to Andrea Stover's presence.

Sheila Love bio

Sheila has always pursued her dreams, even when she had no support.

Sheila Love interview

The detectives asked Frank's current girlfriend about the return of his former girlfriend.

Jim Taylor bio

Jim's life was turned upside-down when his wife filed for divorce and made terrible accusations.

Criminal History – Jim Taylor

YCSD investigators pulled a copy of Jim Taylor's criminal history in the State of Mississippi.

Jim Taylor interview

The detectives talked to an ex-con who knew Andrea about her situation since her return.

Vincent Fischer interview #2

The detectives asked Andrea's case officer about the claims against him.

Letter Excerpts – Lewiston

Investigators reviewed Andrea's prison letters from playwright Ethan Lewiston.

Ethan Lewiston bio

Ethan and Andrea battled creatively but were good friends.

Ethan Lewiston interview

The detectives spoke to the Oxtales playwright about Andrea's return as director.

Norman Higgins bio

Norman's family tragedy turned him into an activist.

Norman Higgins interview

How did the community activist react to Andrea's return?

Letter Excerpts – Norris

Investigators reviewed Andrea's prison letters from Oxtales backer Owen Norris.

Owen Norris bio

Owen has never followed the traditional path in life.

Owen Norris interview

The detectives met with Andrea's benefactor to learn more about their relationship.

Coroner's report

The coroner's office provided a preliminary report on Andrea Stover's autopsy. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Places of Interest map

This map shows Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the Andrea Stover investigation.

Letter Excerpts – Dees

Investigators reviewed Andrea's prison letters from former teen volunteer Benny Dees.

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