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Rex Mickles bio

On July 25, 1969, Rex Mickles was born in Boerne, Texas, to Joseph and Helen Mickles. Rex was bright, although far from brilliant, but what was most noticeable was his determination and work ethic.

His teachers most often commented on his focus. He would never be the valedictorian, but he worked hard to maintain a respectable grade point average.

Joseph Mickles was an insurance agent who made most of his money through hard work and determination. Everything he did was a business opportunity. He volunteered to coach his son's baseball teams, not just to spend time with his son but to meet all the other parents, who were potential customers. From his father, Rex learned that everyone is responsible for making their own way in life.

Joseph had often felt that, as an insurance agent, he was never genuinely respected despite his contacts across the business elite in town. He was never angry or bitter about his position, but for most of Rex's childhood, he heard Joseph discuss doctors and lawyers in reverential tones.

In high school, Rex played baseball and was on the debate team, very aware that diverse extra-curricular activities would look good on his college applications.

After graduation, Rex pursued a degree in political science from the University of Texas. He prided himself on his attendance record and took detailed notes throughout all his classes. He was also active in student government.

During his junior year at UT, Rex decided to pursue a career as a lawyer and did everything he could to prepare. He took the right courses, joined the right organizations, and worked hard at making himself an attractive candidate for his law school applications. Ultimately, his LSAT scores were too low to attend Harvard or Yale, but he was glad to be admitted to law school at the University of Mississippi, which had a respectable share of famous alumni.

Once again, hard work was the most memorable aspect of his law school career. He didn't make the prestigious Law Review, but he excelled at things like Moot Court. He was well-liked by both professors and students, especially his future wife, Erin.

One of his professors helped him get a job with the Yoknapatawpha County's District Attorney's office after graduation. Over the years, he worked his way up through the ranks and was eventually appointed Assistant District Attorney.

He enjoyed the work as a prosecutor, where he felt he was making a real difference. However, when Erin gave birth to a daughter, Rex felt the financial pressures closing in on him. Life as a public servant didn't pay very well, and Rex started laying the groundwork to open his own law practice. He was just waiting for the right time.

In February of 2020, Rex was assigned to prosecute a local theatre group named Oxtales on charges that they had performed a sexually explicit play and that minors had been present. The case immediately became a high-profile story in Yokanpatawpha County, and Rex found himself on the nightly news quite often.

He quickly recognized that this case was his ticket to private practice, and he made sure that he got on TV and his name got in the papers. He became friends with a local television reporter, Penelope Young, and they both used the case to further their careers.

By May of that year, the case was over, and most of the defendants were convicted, including the theatre group leader, Andrea Stover, who received an 18-month prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.

With the feather of those convictions in his cap, Rex resigned from the District Attorney's office and launched his private practice.



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