Smiling woman with long dark hair and glasses

The detectives asked Barbara's mother for more information about her daughter's relationships and history.

Woman with dark hair and dark-rimmed glasses

The detectives asked Barbara's friend to come in again to discuss some recent developments.

Technical email data with a Wi-Fi symbol in the foreground

YCSD investigators analyzed the anonymous email Bill Lamar received to determine the sender's location.

Hanging file folders with tabs labeled "Payments" and "Receipts"

Investigators reviewed the Dubois financials as part of a routine background check.

Smiling woman with glasses and a blonde bob haircut

The detectives questioned Wendy about her involvement in crimes committed at the YCCC during the pageant.

Smiling woman with a gray pixie haircut

The detectives asked the retired professor to clarify her previous statement in light of recent developments.

Gloved hand holding strip of paper with a fingerprint on it

The lab analyzed evidence collected in the Barbara Dubois investigation for fingerprints.

Gloved hand holding a swab with a plastic cover

The Crime Lab analyzed blood evidence collected in the Dubois investigation. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Young man with shaggy hair and scruffy facial hair

The detectives followed up with Barbara's college boyfriend on some new information.

Broadly smiling woman with long brown hair

Ingrid contacted the detectives and said she had important information to share about the case.


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