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My grandfather talked to the UPD chief for us

My grandfather provides some help with our investigation

Gramps emails info

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 4 — I asked asked my grandfather, a retired police officer and private investigator, to help us get some information for our investigation.

He talked to the UPD chief for us and found out what the chief thinks about the bone we found.

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We tried to talk to Professor Lowry

Kudzu Kids audio — Professor Lowry

Professor Lowry interview

Kudzu Kid Zach looked through Professor Lowry's trash after he left

Professor Lowry's trash

The Kudzu Kids found a rejection letter from a publisher in Professor Lowry's trash

Rejection letter

The Kudzu Kids found a memo to the history department chair in Professor Lowry's trash

Request for security

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 4 — So after Professor Lowry got so mad, we wanted to know why.

We tried to ask Dr. Lowry why he was so interested in the bone, but he kicked us out of his office.

So we just waited until he left, and then Zach looked through the trash in his office and found some interesting stuff.



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Did the PI see who vandalized the pageant office?

PI report on Wendy Kullman

Private investigator's report

Investigation Day 4 — Private investigator Pam Thompson was hired to keep an eye on animal rights activist Wendy Kullman in the days leading up to the pageant.

Did the PI catch Wendy engaging in any mischief?

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How much does this pageant judge know about Barbara?

Frank Margold, pageant judge

Frank Margold interview

Frank Margold bio
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Investigation Day 4 — Frank Margold has been working in and around the pageant circuit for years.

Does his experience give him insight into what happened to Barbara Dubois?

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Are there any clues in the suspects' personnel files? (pt 2)

Jessie Danahy Bowlan Glove personnel file

Howard Hadley personnel file

Elbert Warren Bowlan Glove personnel file

Walter Hinkley personnel file

Investigation Day 4 — In 1958, YCSD investigators got copies of the Bowlan Glove personnel files for all of the laid-off employees.

They paid particular attention to the files of all the top suspects. What clues did they find there?

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