Case Chronicle

Examine the investigation's activities in the order they happened.

Was Person X interviewed before Person Y? Did the detectives have Forensic Report A when they talked to Suspect B? Find that information and more right here.

Are there any clues in the suspects' personnel files? (pt 2)

Jessie Danahy Bowlan Glove personnel file

Howard Hadley personnel file

Elbert Warren Bowlan Glove personnel file

Walter Hinkley personnel file

Investigation Day 4 — In 1958, YCSD investigators got copies of the Bowlan Glove personnel files for all of the laid-off employees.

They paid particular attention to the files of all the top suspects. What clues did they find there?

What did Doris Hammack tell the YCSD to get them i...
Are there any clues in the suspects' personnel fil...
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