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Listening to Laurie's voicemail message

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Voicemail message

Laurie Daniels voicemail message

Investigation Day 4 — Callie Shivers provided the detectives with a copy of the voicemail message she received from Laurie Daniels on March 24, 2014.

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Figuring out where Laurie was

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Laurie's travels since Oxford

Laurie Daniels' travels since Oxford

Investigation Day 4 — Callie Shivers worked with YCSD investigators to assemble a probable timeline for Laurie Daniels' travels since she left Oxford in 2007 2007 based on Callie's recollections and mementos.

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Interviewing Stephanie Woolworth

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Stephanie Woolworth

Stephanie Woolworth interview

Stephanie Woolworth biography
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Investigation Day 4 — After talking to Forrest Burgess and Callie Shivers, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy asked Stephanie Woolworth—Callie's current roommate and Forrest's former roommate—to come in to talk about Forrest and Callie and Laurie Daniels.

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Laurie Daniels' travel plans

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Laurie Daniels travel plans

Laurie Daniels travel plans

Investigation Day 4 — As promised in her interview, Callie Shivers forwarded the email she received with information about Laurie Daniels' flight.

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Finding out what the New Orleans PI learned

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New Orleans PI report

New Orleans PI report

Investigation Day 4 — Callie Shivers also turned over the report she got from a New Orleans private investigator she hired to look into Dr. Yah Yah and his relationship with Laurie Daniels.

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