Crime Scene Evidence Files

Solving murders in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi since 1995. Examine the evidence and solve the case.

Are there any clues in the suspects' personnel files?

Jessie Danahy Bowlan Glove personnel file

Jessie Danahy personnel file

Elbert Warren Bowlan Glove personnel file

Elbert Warren personnel file

Investigation Day 4 — In 1958, YCSD investigators got copies of the Bowlan Glove personnel files for all of the laid-off employees.

They paid particular attention to the files of the top suspects. What clues did they find there?

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Did a neighbor's security system capture the killer?

Examine the relevant case files

Security video from a residence near the victim's

Neighbor security video

Investigation Day 4 — A neighbor residing on a street adjacent to the crime scene provided security video recorded the evening of October 30, 2014.


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Can Kenny the CI shed any light on Kelly's murder?

Examine the relevant case files

Kenny has provided info for previous investigations

Kenny Ross interview

Kenny Ross biography
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Investigation Day 4 — The detectives spoke to one of the department's confidential informants to see if he had heard anything about Kelly Moran's murder.


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Do the two cell phones at the crime scene tell us anything useful?

Examine the relevant case files

Kelly Moran's iPhone records

Kelly Moran cell phone records

sofa phone records

2nd cell phone records

Investigation Day 4 — YCSD investigators pulled the recent call and text logs from the two cell phones found at the Kelly Moran crime scene.


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Is someone keeping a secret about Kelly from the detectives?

Examine the relevant case files

Oxford Weekly Planet: The View from Behind the Chair

Correcting mistakes

Investigation Day 4 — Have we already met the person talking to The Face in the Mirror about what they said to detectives about Kelly Moran?


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