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Was there any evidence related to Andy's murder in the Fines' apartment?

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Search of Andy & Cindy Fine's residence

Fine residence search

Investigation Day 4 — Detectives Armstrong and Murphy got a warrant to search Andy & Cindy's apartment for potential evidence related to Andy's murder.


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What do the Fines' neighbors know?

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James Thurston is the resident manager at the apartments

James Thurston interview

Lester Waterson is the maintenance man at the apartments

Lester Waterson interview

Cheryl Kline lives downstairs from the Fines

Cheryl Kline interview

Investigation Day 4 — Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's investigators canvassed the Oxford Ridge apartments where Andy & Cindy Fine live.

They spoke to neighbors and employees at the complex.


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What does Johnny Reagle's ex-girlfriend know?

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Does John Reagle's ex-girlfriend know anything about the murder?

Lisa Holman interview

Lisa Holman biography
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Investigation Day 4 — Johnny Reagle's ex contacted the detectives when she heard they were looking for her.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to her about Johnny and about Andy Fine.


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The local media reports on the body's identification

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Body found on area farm identified

Body identified

Local news reports on the body's identification

News video

Investigation Day 4 — The Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat column and the local TV news are avidly covering this investigation, including the official announcement of the body's ID.


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Checking long distance calls at the Shivers residence

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Shivers residence long distance calls

Callie Shivers residence long distance calls

Investigation Day 4 — Callie Shivers provided the detectives with records of long distance calls to and from her residence since the first of the year. The landline these calls were made from is shared by all of the roommates and is occasionally used by visitors.

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