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Where do Barbara's friends and family go from here?

Loved ones vow to keep Barbara's memory alive

Happily ever after?

Investigation Day 20 — The detectives are wrapping up their investigation, and the district attorney's office is moving forward with the prosecutions.

Meanwhile, Barbara's loved ones cope with their grief by dedicating themselves to keeping her memory and her public and private good works alive.

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How did the accused killer plead to the charges?

Beauty queen killer arraigned

Killer arraigned

Investigation Day 19 — The Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat covers the arraignment of the accused killer.

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Another arrest. Is it case closed?

A second arrest in the Dubois case

Arrest report #2

Arrestee #2 interview

Arrestee #2 interview

Investigation Day 18 — The detectives have made another arrest in the Dubois homicide case.

Is everyone who was involved in what happened to Barbara that night now in custody?

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Is Bill really still as ill-informed as he claims?

The detectives took another run at Barbara's old flame Bill Lamar

Bill Lamar 3rd interview

Investigation Day 15 — With the murder still unresolved, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy brought Bill in again for another conversation.

Is he really as clueless about things as he claims to be?

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Big changes at Lamar Cosmetics. What's going on?

The rise and fall of a financial empire

Fading beauty

Investigation Day 16 — There have been some unexpected developments at Lamar Cosmetics.

How much, if any, of it is connected to Barbara's murder?

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