Who wanted Katy Brown dead?What's happened so far…

Investigation Day 1

Yoknapatawpha Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a dead body in a wooded area near Oxford Memorial Cemetery.

Members of the Yoknapatawpha High School cheer squad had found their team captain lifeless on the path she was taking to meet them.

Back at headquarters, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with the young woman who found Katy's body to find out what happened.

Then they talked to the cheerleading coach who called 911.

A little later, the detectives spoke with Katy's grandmother about their visit the morning Katy died.

Late that afternoon, CSU provided a preliminary inventory of the evidence they collected at the scene while the Oxford Weekly Planet reported Katy's death to the community.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, the detectives met with Katy's family. First, they talked to Katy's mother.

Then they spoke with Katy's stepfather, and finally, they had a conversation with Katy's younger brother.

After the Brown family left, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed the recent calls on Katy's cell phone as well as a video found on the phone.

Later that afternoon, they talked to a former cheerleader about why she left the squad.

Investigation Day 3

The following day, the detectives met with Katy's supervisor from her job at the library.

Later, Katy's boyfriend came in to talk with Detectives Armstrong and Murphy.

A little while later, the only guy on the cheer squad met with the detectives.

Late that afternoon, the assistant principal sat down with the detectives to talk about Katy's school life.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, the detectives talked to a girl who reportedly resented Katy after changes in the YHS athletic programs.

A little later, a deputy notified Detectives Armstrong and Murphy that an informant had come in to talk to them.

After lunch, the detectives reviewed an early report from the crime lab.


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Then a friend of Katy's boyfriend came to the sheriff's department to meet with the detectives.

To wrap up the afternoon, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy asked two witnesses to come back in so they could clear up conflicting information related to each of them.

Investigation Day 5

The detectives asked Cody to come back in so they could ask him about what they've heard from other witnesses.

After Cody left, a patrol officer notified the detectives that he'd brought in someone they might want to talk to.

After lunch, the detectives sat down with Katy's stepfather again to follow up on a few things.

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