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Wanda Martin interview

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 – 9:30 a.m.

Wanda Martin is a junior at Yoknapatawpha High School and used to play on the volleyball team.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Wanda Martin

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in, Miss Martin. We need to ask you a few questions concerning the death of Katy Brown. Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Wanda Martin: Wanda Martin. I live at 111 Woodward Place.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you.

Wanda Martin: It's awful what happened to Katy, but I don't understand why I'm here. I don't see what I can do to help you.

Detective Armstrong: Miss Martin—

Wanda Martin: Can you call me Wanda? I'd prefer that.

Detective Armstrong: Certainly. Wanda, how well did you know Katy Brown?

Wanda Martin: As I'm sure you know, Katy and I went to the same school. We were friends at one time but not lately.

Detective Armstrong: What caused your friendship to end?

Wanda Martin: The volleyball team was disbanded due to budget cuts, but Katy and the other cheerleaders got everything they wanted for their squad.

Detective Armstrong: Your friendship ended over that?

Wanda Martin: My future ended over it. Why wouldn't a friendship?

Detective Armstrong: Why did your future end?

Wanda Martin: I was hoping to get a sports scholarship. My coach said he was sure I would be picked for a college team, but that dream ended when they cut the budget. Why couldn't they have cut the cheer squad? That's not even a real sport.

Detective Murphy: Wanda, you sound angry. Was it Katy's fault the volleyball team was cut?

Wanda Martin: It wasn't that. It was how Katy and the other whorelets acted afterwards.

Detective Murphy: How did they act?

Wanda Martin: Like they were something special since their funds didn't get cut. Katy was Miss Goody Two Shoes, snitching on people all the time. But at the same time, she's costing people their scholarships and their futures!

Detective Murphy: You mentioned your scholarship prospects. Were other people also affected?

Wanda Martin: Katy caused Sherry's accident, and that cost Sherry her cheerleading scholarship, but were there any consequences for Perfect Katy? Of course not.

Detective Armstrong: Miss Martin, we've heard that someone was leaving some not-so-nice notes in Katy's locker. Do you know anything about that?

Wanda Martin: No. I heard Katy's boyfriend say something about that, but why would I waste my time writing silly notes? If I had anything to say to her, I would say it to her face. I wouldn't have written her some dumb note. Are we still in sixth grade?

Detective Armstrong: I don't know. Are you? Is it true that you said you were glad Katy's dead?

Wanda Martin: If I said anything, it was out of anger. Just because she's dead doesn't mean I'm not still mad about what happened. 

Detective Armstrong: Did you harm Katy Brown?

Wanda Martin: No! I didn't have anything to do with what happened. I wasn't happy with her, but I didn't hate her enough to kill her.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know of anyone who would want to harm her?

Wanda Martin: Have you talked to Paula Kruse? Everyone knows she didn't like Katy, and she certainly didn't take time to mourn Katy's death before she started moving in on her boyfriend. I hear she and Tim have gotten pretty close.

Detective Murphy: Since when?

Wanda Martin: Since she's been comforting him while he's grieving.

Detective Murphy: But you think it's more than that?

Wanda Martin: How should I know? That's why you ought to talk to her. Obviously.

Detective Armstrong: Where were you Saturday morning?

Wanda Martin: Shooting hoops in the backyard. I want to stay in shape just in case the school comes into some money.

Detective Armstrong: Can anybody confirm that?

Wanda Martin: No, my parents were visiting my aunt and uncle in Biloxi, and they didn't come home till Sunday.

Detective Murphy: Could any neighbors have seen you?

Wanda Martin: I don't know. You'd have to ask them. Listen, the truth is I'm sad that Katy was killed, and I hope you find who did it, but it wasn't me, and I don't know who it was. May I go now? I have things I need to do.

Detective Murphy: Yes, you can go. We'll be in touch if we need to talk to you again.

Wanda Martin: Great.

Interview ended – 9:48 a.m.


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