What happened?

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Investigation Day 1

Late Sunday night, Julie Arbuckle found her neighbor Ambrose Garrett unresponsive in the community center near her house. She called 911, but it was too late, and Ambrose was pronounced dead at the scene.

The detectives talked to Julie at the scene about why she went looking for Ambrose in the first place.

Investigation Day 2

Just after midnight, the detectives sat down with Ambrose's wife, Delilah, at the hospital where she works to notify her of her husband's death and learn more about him.

In the morning, investigators canvassed the residents near the Whitehall Community Center to find out if anyone saw or heard anything the night before.

While they were still looking for witnesses, the local media broke the news of Ambrose's death.

Meanwhile, back at the station, the detectives were finally able to talk to Chester Hawkins about what he was doing outside the community center the night before.

Shortly afterward, CSU sent over a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the scene, and other investigators mapped locations relevant to the case so far.

After lunch, the detectives met with Julie Arbuckle again to see what else she had to say after having some time to collect her thoughts.

Late that afternoon, the detectives talked to Delilah again to find out more about her husband's activities and relationships.

Investigation Day 3

The next morning, the detectives met with Ambrose's assistant, Rick, to learn about Ambrose's business relationships.

A little later, they talked to the HOA secretary, Mary Wallace, about Ambrose, the neighbors, and the meeting the night he died.

Not long after she left, Mary sent the detectives a copy of her notes from the HOA meeting.

They also got the transcript of Julie's 911 call the night Ambrose died.

After lunch, the HOA's treasurer agreed to come in and talk to the detectives.

A little later, a neighbor who frequently clashed with Ambrose met with the detectives at her workplace.

Then the man who called 911 on Ambrose came into the sheriff's department to speak with the detectives.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy took a look at Julie's phone records from the day Ambrose died and reviewed the coroner's preliminary findings.

The detectives' afternoon began with a conversation with another thorn in Ambrose's side.

Next, they talked to another neighbor with a completely different perspective on Ambrose and the neighborhood.

Later on, they spoke to Delilah's old college friend and current neighbor.

Investigation Day 5

The next morning, the detectives pulled the report on the incident between Ambrose and Warren about a week and a half before Ambrose died.

They also reviewed the crime lab's findings on fingerprints at the scene as well as where all the witnesses live in relation to the community center.

After lunch, they went over to the hospital to talk to Delilah's supervisor and her co-workers about the night Ambrose died.

That evening, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy had a few questions for Delilah herself after she got to work.

Investigation Day 6

In the morning, they spoke to Warren again about some of those fingerprints found at the scene.

Later on, they sat down with Mary again to find out what happened at the HOA meeting that wasn't in her notes.

Next, they visited Patrick to get him to clarify his relationship with Delilah and Ambrose.

Then they stopped by Julie's house to find out what light she could shed on recently discovered information.

After getting back to the sheriff's department, the detectives received additional findings from the crime lab just before their next interviewee arrived.

A few minutes later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to Jamie again, this time at the station in hopes of getting him to take the situation more seriously.

Investigation Day 7

The next morning, Delilah gave the detectives permission to search her residence for anything potentially relevant to her husband's death.

Investigation Day 8

While other investigators were searching Warren Edwards' home for evidence, the detectives had a conversation with his daughter, who was the only one home at the time.

After they'd finished at the Edwards residence, the detectives went to the McCahan home to get more information from David.

Investigation Day 9

First thing the next morning, investigators executed a search warrant at Julie's house.

Once the Arbuckle search was underway, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy stepped out briefly to ask Shannon a few more questions.

Later that afternoon, after they'd wrapped up at Julie's residence, the detectives met with the man Shannon claimed could confirm her story.

Investigation Day 10

The following morning, while fellow investigators were looking for evidence at Shannon's home, the detectives talked to her partner.

Investigation Day 11

After sending all the evidence collected in the searches to the crime lab, the detectives decided to try one more time to find out if Chester saw anything at the community center the night Ambrose died.

Investigation Day 12

While waiting for the forensics, the detectives went over all the other evidence, witness statements, and alibis to narrow down the suspect pool.

Investigation Day 13

When the preliminary forensic results came in, the detectives arrested the person who was implicated by those findings.

Investigation Day 14

The next afternoon, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with the suspect and their attorney.

Shortly afterward, the Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat column posted their coverage of the arrest and the neighbors' reactions.


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