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Delilah Garrett interview #2

Monday, March 6, 2023 – 4:50 p.m.

Delilah Garrett was Ambrose Garrett's wife.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed at her Cedar Hill Drive residence.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Delilah Garrett

Detective Murphy: Hello, Mrs. Garrett. Thank you for talking with us again so soon. We're so sorry for your loss.

Delilah Garrett: Thank you, detective. What is it you want from me today?

Detective Armstrong: First, Mrs. Garrett, would you please state your name and address for the record?

Delilah Garrett: I'm Delilah Garrett. I live at 121 Cedar Hill Drive, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Would you tell us how you happened to call Ms. Arbuckle Sunday night?

Delilah Garrett: Yes. I was on duty at the hospital. I work in the neonatal unit. One of our nurses was out with the flu, and during my shift, another one became ill. The supervisor asked me to stay for another shift, and I agreed. I tried to phone Ambrose at home on my dinner break to tell him I'd be late, but he didn't answer.

Detective Murphy: Did he have a cell phone?

Delilah Garrett: He did. I tried it, but he didn't answer that either. I figured he'd left it at home. It wasn't like him to stay so late at a meeting, but I thought maybe something had held him up, so I phoned Julie Arbuckle.

Detective Murphy: Why did you call her?

Delilah Garrett: I knew she had been at the meeting, so I thought she might know where he was. She said the meeting had been over for a while, but he was still there when she left. I asked her if she would go over to the Community Center to tell him I'd be late—she just lives right nearby—and she agreed.

Detective Armstrong: Why not just wait and call him again later?

Delilah Garrett: I was afraid I'd get busy on the floor and forget to call him later, and he worries— worried if I didn't get home on time. He was very protective that way.

Detective Armstrong: Was there anything unusual in your husband's manner the last time you saw him?

Delilah Garrett: No, I don't think so. He seemed like his usual self. Talked a blue streak about the meeting.

Detective Murphy: Did he seem worried or depressed?

Delilah Garrett: Oh, no! He was very up, in fact. He was looking forward to a lively discussion about something. I don't know what. He always enjoyed a good verbal battle.

Detective Murphy: Do you know any of the topics or issues they were planning to discuss at the meeting?

Delilah Garrett: No, I don't. Association business is really more Ambrose's interest than mine. You might ask Mary Wallace. She's the HOA secretary, so she prepares the meeting agendas, takes notes at the meetings, and things like that. She'd know.

Detective Armstrong: Was there anyone in particular who he "battled" with, as you put it?

Delilah Garrett: He had mentioned Shannon Bower several times. He called her a "willful troublemaker" and said he had to fine her several times for violations of the association rules. I answered phone calls from her a number of times. She was definitely not happy with him.

Detective Armstrong: Anyone else?

Delilah Garrett: I think several members of the association disagreed with my husband on a number of issues. Julie would probably know who they are since she was president before Ambrose. But I can't imagine anything being serious enough for them to want to physically hurt him if that's what you're thinking.

Detective Murphy: What about you, Mrs. Garrett? How did you and your husband get along?

Delilah Garrett: Very well, actually. You know, he wasn't the easiest person to get along with, detective. He was very stubborn in his own way, but after 20 years of marriage, you learn to choose your battles. Some things are important, and others you can compromise on. He was very devoted to me in his own way, and I trusted him completely.

Detective Murphy: Was your husband taking any medication or drugs that you know of?

Delilah Garrett: No medicine except ibuprofen for an occasional ache or pain, and no drugs unless you count alcohol. I'm afraid he'd been drinking a bit more than usual lately.

Detective Armstrong: Would he have been drinking at the meeting?

Delilah Garrett: Lately, he'd been carrying a flask with him everywhere he went—except at work, of course. I tried to talk to him about it, but he didn't like to be criticized, and— well, I found that it didn't do any good to nag anyway. He would do what he wanted to do.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Garrett, do you know of anyone who would want to harm your husband?

Delilah Garrett: No, I don't. I know several members of the association didn't like some of the things that he did or the way that he did them. He can be obstinate at times when he thinks he's right, and he always thinks— thought. He always thought he was right. That could be very irritating if you didn't understand him.

Detective Murphy: What about people associated with his work? By the way, what was his work?

Delilah Garrett: He was an insurance broker. I don't know of any problems at work or with the people there. You should talk to Rick. He can tell you more about that than I can.

Detective Murphy: Rick?

Delilah Garrett: Ambrose's assistant Rick Crawford. I wonder if we're about through here. I seem to tire quickly since— well, I'm sure you understand.

Detective Armstrong: Of course, Mrs. Garrett. We appreciate your cooperation. Just one more question before we wrap up for today. Do you know a man named Chester Hawkins?

Delilah Garrett: No… no, I don't think so.

Detective Armstrong: Did your husband know him?

Delilah Garrett: No, not that I know of. Why? Who is he?

Detective Murphy: Just a name that's come up in our investigation. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions. If you think of anything else that might be pertinent, please call us.

Delilah Garrett: Yes. I'm not thinking too well yet. The doctor gave me something to help me sleep, and I'm a little bit groggy. They gave me some time off from work to make the arrangements. Do you have any idea when we'll be able to have the funeral?

Detective Murphy: The Coroner's Office will notify you when they complete their work. It shouldn't be long.

Delilah Garrett: Oh, okay then. I'll call you if I think of anything else. Thank you, detectives.

Interview ended – 5:09 p.m.


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