Incident Report

A 911 caller reported a man found unresponsive in the Whitehall Community Center.

Julie Arbuckle interview

Julie found Ambrose Garrett unresponsive at the community center and called 911.

Ambrose Garrett bio

Ambrose grew up in Batesville and ran an Oxford insurance business for over 20 years.

Delilah Garrett interview

The detectives went to the hospital to notify Nurse Garrett of her husband's death.

Community leader found dead

The Crime Beat reports … HOA president luminary dies mysteriously after meeting

Canvass – Community Center area

YCSD investigators canvassed the area around Whitehall Community Center for witnesses.

Chester Hawkins interview

Chester was apprehended at the scene after causing a disturbance outside the Whitehall Community Center.

Chester Hawkins bio

Chester spent most of his life in Tennessee before moving in with his daughter in Oxford.

Evidence inventory

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the Garrett death scene.

Places of interest map

Investigations mapped Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the Ambrose Garrett investigation.

Julie Arbuckle interview #2

The detectives asked Julie to tell them more about Ambrose and the night he died.

Julie Arbuckle bio

Julie was president of the Whitehall HOA for six years before Ambrose Garrett took over.

Delilah Garrett interview #2

The detectives talked to Delilah again after the initial shock of her husband's death had diminished.

Delilah Garrett bio

Delilah and Ambrose Garrett had been married for 21 years when he died.

Rick Crawford interview

The detectives talked to Ambrose Garrett's assistant about Ambrose's business.

Rick Crawford bio

Rick works two jobs to help pay for his elderly aunt's care.

Mary Wallace bio

Widowed at an early age, Mary devoted herself to volunteer work, including with the Whitehall HOA.

Mary Wallace interview

The detectives talked to Mary about the HOA and the meeting the night Ambrose died.

Whitehall HOA meeting minutes

As promised, Mary provided her raw notes from the March 5th Whitehall HOA meeting.

911 transcript

Investigators obtained a transcript of a 911 call placed the night Ambrose Garrett died.

David McMahan interview

David, the Whitehall HOA treasurer, attended the HOA meeting the night Ambrose died.

David McMahan bio

David moved to Oxford when his wife got a job at Ole Miss.

Shannon Bower bio

Shannon has lived in the Whitehall neighborhood for more than ten years.

Shannon Bower interview

Shannon argued with Ambrose at the Whitehall HOA meeting the night he died.

Warren Edwards bio

Warren is known as a meticulous man, committed to order and propriety.

Warren Edwards interview

Though typically allies, Warren and Ambrose had quarreled recently over Ambrose's actions.

Julie Arbuckle phone records

Investigators obtained Julie Arbuckle's call records for the day Ambrose died.

Coroner's preliminary report

The coroner's office provided a preliminary report summarizing their initial autopsy findings.

Jamie Covington interview

Neighbors know Jamie as a charming mischief-maker who enjoyed tweaking Ambrose.

Jamie Covington bio

Jamie lives in Whitehall with his parents, who travel frequently.

Erin Markham bio

Erin moved into her Whitehall home last year after many years of extensive business travel.

Erin Markham interview

Erin was one of the Whitehall residents who felt Ambrose wasn't strict enough.

Patrick Tyler bio

Patrick, another Whitehall resident, has been friends with Delilah Garrett since college.

Patrick Tyler interview

Patrick, who works at the same hospital as Delilah, knew Ambrose from the HOA.

Fingerprint analysis

The crime lab analyzed fingerprints found on evidence collected at the crime scene.

Archive: incident report

The detectives pulled a copy of the report for the incident involving Warren and Ambrose.

Updated Places of Interest

Investigators updated the map with locations of more Whitehall residents relevant to the investigation.

Henrietta Jones interview

The detectives asked Delilah's supervisor about Delilah and her shifts on March 5th.

Canvass – Delilah's co-workers

YCSD investigators spoke with Delilah's co-workers from the afternoon and night of March 5th.

Delilah Garrett interview #3

The detectives talked to Delilah about information uncovered since their last conversation.

Warren Edwards interview #2

The detectives spoke to Warren again after reviewing some recent forensic analysis findings.

Patrick Tyler interview #2

The detectives asked Patrick to clarify his relationship with Delilah and Ambrose.

Mary Wallace interview #2

The detectives asked Mary for more information about the HOA meeting the night Ambrose died.

Toxicology findings

The crime lab conducted additional toxicological analyses on evidence in the Garrett investigation.

Julie Arbuckle interview #3

The detectives asked Julie to help explain some recent forensic analysis results.

Search – Garrett residence

Delilah Garrett allowed investigators to search her home for evidence relevant to her husband's death.

Jamie Covington interview #2

The detectives hoped being at the station would get Jaime to take their conversation seriously.

Search – Edwards residence

Investigators executed a search warrant at the Edwards residence.

Eve Edwards interview

The detectives talked to Warren's daughter while other investigators searched the residence.

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