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Ambrose Garrett bio

Ambrose Whitfield Garrett was born March 16, 1973, in Batesville, Mississippi, to parents Jerrold and Sharon. An only child, he was brought up in a permissive environment that catered to his needs and wants. As a result, Ambrose grew up expecting to get his way in nearly all circumstances.

Ambrose played youth sports growing up but was not well-liked by the coaches or the other boys due to his arrogance and poor sportsmanship. If his team lost, he was the first to point out everyone else's mistakes as the reason for the team's loss while never acknowledging his own mistakes.

Despite his self-serving attitude, Ambrose could be charming. He liked to talk and found his calling in sales. He often claimed he was a born salesman and set his sights on becoming a top insurance agent. He attended the University of Mississippi, obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in Insurance and Risk Management, and upon graduation, went to work for an independent insurance agency in Oxford.

In 2001, he established his own agency called simply Garrett Insurance. His reputation was one of integrity and honesty in his chosen field. When claims were filed through his agency, he was tireless in seeing that his clients were treated fairly.

When Ambrose met Delilah Glenn, he was impressed by her sensitive, caring nature and her acceptance of his sometimes-abrasive personality. They were married in 2002, and he remained devoted and faithful to her until his death.

Ambrose became the president of the Whitehall Homeowners Association (HOA) ten months before his death as the result of a movement among the longer-term residents, who were primarily located in the older part of the neighborhood where he also lived. This faction hoped Ambrose could curtail what they felt was raucous behavior by the residents in the newer section where homes were more modest, less expensive, and on smaller lots.

Ambrose tackled this and other problems with such a vengeance that some wondered if they had made a mistake in giving him any authority in their HOA. At the time of his death, some of his staunchest supporters were regretting their decision to back him.

Ambrose Garrett was found dead in the Whitehall Community Center meeting room. The cause of his death was not immediately apparent at the scene, and given his age and reported good health, the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department is investigating the death as suspicious, pending the results of an autopsy.



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