Unidentified body found partially nudeWhat's happened so far…

Investigation Day 1

On Saturday, February 18th, a construction worker found a woman's body in a secluded location near the site where he was working.

Investigators were unable to identify the victim at the scene.

To show what the area around the body looks like, CSU put together an array of photos of the location.

While Detectives Armstrong and Murphy were examining the body scene, Officer Harding interviewed Michael Robbins, the Kelly Green property developer who showed up at the scene.

Around the same time, Deputy Watson spoke with Earl Sullivan, the site supervisor who called 911.

The detectives brought Miles Jackson back to the station to get a formal interview with him about how he discovered the body.

Investigation Day 2

On Sunday afternoon, a Sardis resident reported finding a bag of apparently bloodstained clothing off Highway 6 west of Oxford.

The YCSD released a photo to the media of a distinctive shirt found in the bag in hopes of getting the public's help to identify its owner.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to the teen about how she happened to find the bag of clothes.

Investigation Day 3

While chasing down alibis for people who were at the Kelly Woods scene and fielding calls from the public about the photo of the shirt shown, Detective Armstrong got a tip from a local waiter who said he knew something about the shirt.

Later that day, the Oxford Weekly Planet also got a call about the shirt.

Investigation Day 4

A deputy was dispatched to a local residence in response to a 911 call reporting vandalism and a possible missing person. The deputy spoke with the complainant at the scene.

Meanwhile, the detectives got a call from the coroner's office with a new lead. To follow up, Detective Murphy tried to talk to the man whose fingerprint was on an item found on the Kelly Woods body but met the man's girlfriend instead. She told the detective when he'd be back in town.

After obtaining a search warrant, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy responded to the Shady Oaks Circle scene to follow up on the deputy's tip from earlier that day.

Investigation Day 5

The detectives submitted a status report to the case file summarizing their recent efforts in pursuing various leads and the results to date.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy continued their efforts to confirm the tentative identification of the victim.

Investigation Day 6

The coroner's office notified the detectives that the victim had been positively identified and forwarded their preliminary report.

Investigators compiled information on the victim and her background.

Investigation Day 7

After notifying the next of kin of the victim's death, the sheriff's department released the identification to the press.

With the victim now identified, the detectives obtained a warrant to search her residence for evidence related to her death.

Late that afternoon, the crime lab sent over their preliminary findings from the Kelly Woods scene.

Investigation Days 8 & 9

Detective Murphy finally caught up with bluesman Willie King and invited him in for a chat.

Then, Detective Murphy and Deputy Watson started interviewing Proud Larry's employees to find out if they saw the victim there on the night she died.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania for the victim's funeral, Detective Armstrong sat down for a conversation with her mother.

Investigation Day 10

Before leaving town, Detective Armstrong got a chance to speak with the man who gave the eulogy.

Back in Yoknapatawpha County, Detective Murphy and Deputy Watson concluded their canvass of Proud Larry's employees.

Later, Detective Murphy filed a status report on the investigation while Detective Armstrong was still in transit back to Yoknapatawpha County.

After his flight got in, Detective Armstrong stopped by to see the victim's brother and get his take on his sister before heading back home.

Investigation Day 11

YCSD investigators reviewed the victim's cell phone call records and email messages to determine which ones may be relevant to the case.

Then, Detective Murphy was able to reach the victim's former roommate on the West Coast to find out more about her and what they'd been working on together.

A short time later, Blake Stillwater's wife, Eugenia, came in for an interview at the detectives' request.

That afternoon, Eugenia's son, Philip Stillwater, agreed to talk to Detective Armstrong on the university campus.

Later, Detective Murphy spoke to the Stillwaters' maid at the station.

Then the local gossip blog posted some items involving investigations past and present (and future?).

Meanwhile, Detective Armstrong talked to someone the victim regularly emailed with and to her ex-husband to find out about their relationships with her.


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Investigation Day 12

With Blake Stillwater finally available, the detectives met with him to discuss his relationship with the victim.

The detectives got a warrant to search the Stillwater residence and property.

Other YCSD investigators updated the map to show where that residence and the victim's residence are in relation to where the body and bloody clothing were found.

Investigation Day 13

The next morning, the Crime Lab sent over a report on some of the preliminary forensic analysis results on evidence from the victim's residence.

Later, Detective Murphy spoke to Michael Robbins again to get more information on his relationship with the victim and his whereabouts at the time of her death.

Later, the investigators continued their review of evidence collected in the investigation, including the Correspondence and Jenny files recovered from the victim's residence.

The detectives also examined files collected from the Stillwater residence, including the ones labeled "Sister Susannah" and "Wendy payments."