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Jenny Sadlier interview #2

Thursday, May 5, 2022 – 10:00 a.m.

Through her attorney, George Bottoms, Jenny Sadlier contacted the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department, offering information pertinent to the Wendy Pane Holloway homicide investigation.

The District Attorney's Office has offered immunity from prosecution on charges related to the Holloway homicide in exchange for Ms. Sadlier's testimony.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • A.D.A. Calvin Dollarhide
  • George Bottoms, Sadlier's attorney
  • Jenny Sadlier

Detective Murphy: For the record, the Yoknapatawpha County District Attorney's Office has granted this witness, Jennifer Lynn Sadlier, immunity from prosecution in the Holloway homicide, case #001838-16D-2022, in exchange for her material testimony in that matter. Is that correct, Mr. Dollarhide?

ADA Dollarhide: Yes, it is.

Detective Murphy: Those present are Assistant District Attorney Calvin Dollarhide; the witness's attorney, George Bottoms; the witness, Jennifer Lynn Sadlier; Detective Ted Armstrong and me, Detective Samantha Murphy. For the record, ma'am, please state your name and address.

Jenny Sadlier: Jennifer Lynn Sadlier. I live at 303 E. Pike Street, Seattle, Washington.

Detective Murphy: Ms. Sadlier, you have voluntarily come forward to offer information related to the homicide of Wendy Pane Holloway. Is that correct?

Jenny Sadlier: Yes.

Detective Murphy: And you do this of your own free will, being fully advised of your rights?

Jenny Sadlier: Yes.

Detective Murphy: Okay, Ms. Sadlier, tell us your story.

George Bottoms: Only within the boundaries we have outlined, eh, detective?

Detective Murphy: Of course. Please go ahead, Ms. Sadlier.

George Bottoms: It's okay, Jenny. Tell them what you know.

Jenny Sadlier: I'm pretty sure Peter killed her.

Detective Murphy: Ms. Sadlier, you need to start at the beginning. What was your involvement with Peter Pane?

Jenny Sadlier: I met him when we both worked at Rockwell in Dallas. We hit it off right away and started dating.

Detective Armstrong: When was this?

Jenny Sadlier: About three years ago. Anyway, we dated for a little while, but I guess we weren't really meant to be together that way, you know? So, we ended up being just friends.

Detective Murphy: Did you maintain this friendship over the years after you left Rockwell?

Jenny Sadlier: Oh, sure. We stayed in touch. He was like a lost puppy dog, you know? He needed friends. He's gotten so many bad breaks in his life.

Detective Armstrong: What kind of bad breaks?

Jenny Sadlier: Oh, just everything. His folks divorced when he was a kid … because of Wendy. His mother had an affair with his Uncle Jeremy, and Wendy was actually his daughter. When Peter's dad found out, it just all fell apart. And that was just the beginning of the end.

Detective Armstrong: Beginning of the end of what?

Jenny Sadlier: His family, his life. After his dad left, it just wasn't the same. He didn't have any allies at home since he ended up living with his mom and Wendy. They treated him terribly.

Detective Armstrong: How exactly?

Jenny Sadlier: His mom always blamed him for everything that went wrong, and Wendy always was the perfect child. Every time he tried to do something, she rushed in and did it better, made him look bad. It was hard on him. He begged his mother to let him go live with his father, but she just flat out refused.

Detective Murphy: I'm sorry. What does this have to do with anything?

George Bottoms: Let her continue, detective. She has to tell it in her own way.

Detective Murphy: Fine, but get to the point, please. Soon.

Jenny Sadlier: Anyway, he ended up a loner. I guess I just felt bad for him because he'd had so many tough breaks.

Detective Murphy: And how do you know all of this about Peter's childhood and Wendy's alleged paternity?

Jenny Sadlier: Peter told me.

Detective Murphy: Uh-huh.

Detective Armstrong: When you met Wendy, did you know she was Peter's sister?

Jenny Sadlier: Not at first, but not long afterward, I was talking to Peter on the phone and mentioned her, and he just flipped out.

Detective Armstrong: Flipped out how?

Jenny Sadlier: Just got all agitated. I guess he thought I was messing with his head or something. Anyway, I assured him I had no idea about that, and he eventually calmed down. He swore me to secrecy, not to tell her we were friends. He didn't want her to know.

Detective Armstrong: Why?

Jenny Sadlier: I think he was afraid it would be one more thing she could take away from him. No matter what I said to try to convince him, he just wouldn't see it any other way. So I agreed. It wasn't a problem for me.

Detective Armstrong: You had no problem lying to your friend and roommate?

Jenny Sadlier: I wasn't lying. I just wasn't mentioning something.

Detective Armstrong: Right.

Jenny Sadlier: Anyway, I think, in a way, I had something to do with their getting back together and mending their fences some.

Detective Armstrong; How?

Jenny Sadlier: Because I told him all about her and that maybe she was different now and maybe they should get back in touch and all that. And they actually did.

Detective Murphy: Okay, I think we're getting a little off course. How does any of this relate to Wendy Holloway's death?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, like I said, they got back in touch, and it seemed like everything was fixed, you know?

Detective Murphy: Uh-huh. Then?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, a lot of things happened. First of all, I just want to say for the record that I always liked Wendy. But she could really piss you off, being so condescending and all.

Detective Murphy: Did something happen that made you feel that way?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, when she went on vacation and met Blake, everything just went downhill. She was supposed to be back in Seattle at the beginning of November, but all of a sudden, she called and said she had to go to L.A. first. Then, like three weeks later, she said now she had to go to Pittsburgh before she could come back to Seattle.

Detective Armstrong: You were mad because her travel plans changed?

Jenny Sadlier: No, it was because that whole time, she expected me to do her work and put her name on it. I had to keep covering for her with clients while she was off with that married guy.

Detective Murphy: You didn't approve of her relationship?

Jenny Sadlier: I didn't care who she slept with, but I did care when it started to affect me. She screwed up on delivering a prototype for her software and lost a deal. And she had the nerve to blame me! I mean, what was I supposed to do? Hunt her down and drag her back to Seattle against her will?

Detective Murphy: I hear they have telephones and such in all those places.

Jenny Sadlier: Sure, if a person answers their phone or emails or texts. So, anyway, it was tense with her for a while.

Detective Murphy: How tense?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, I almost moved out, but then I don't know … I guess she was so in love and all that she decided to forgive me. Wasn't that swell of her?

Detective Armstrong: What company did she mess up the deal with?

Jenny Sadlier: MegaMaxiNet Solutions. They just flat wouldn't take her calls anymore.

Detective Murphy: Then what happened?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, this "in love" thing got pretty out of hand when she decided she was moving to Oxford and everything else be damned. We worked out a system where I was her relay point—more like a lackey if you ask me—and away she went. Then, next thing I know, I hear from Peter, and he's all happy they are back in contact and stuff, so I guess I just sort of fumed to myself.

Detective Murphy: And?

Jenny Sadlier: Anyway, she got on this mad rush to beta test the software, and she was expecting me to drop everything, which I more or less did though I made her pay me very well for it.

Detective Murphy: Yes, we've seen the bills.

Jenny Sadlier: Hey, the going rate. I didn't owe it to her, now did I? Anyway, at first, it was kind of fun. She was letting Peter handle the marketing since she sucked at it herself and always managed to piss those guys off anyway.

Detective Armstrong: Piss off who?

Jenny Sadlier: The software company execs. She may have had the golden touch with the product, but she had no finesse with the corporate big guys. None of them liked her, but they sure liked Peter.

Detective Armstrong: Why's that?

Jenny Sadlier: He can charm anybody into believing he's not even selling them anything. It's kind of amazing.

Detective Armstrong: Sounds like everything was going fine.

Jenny Sadlier: Sure, at first. Wendy was excited and all, "I'm going to be a millionaire," you know? But as usual, nothing was good enough or fast enough for her. No matter what I did, she wanted better, faster results. It got old real fast.

Detective Armstrong: And you were the only one testing it? Dan Courrier, he didn't do any testing?

Jenny Sadlier: Are you kidding? That hack? No way. I mean, I guess he has his own talents, but there is no way she would actually let him near her baby. And I don't like him, so I wouldn't have worked with him anyway.

Detective Murphy: What about on the marketing end? Was Mr. Courrier involved in that side?

Jenny Sadlier: No. Peter does his stuff solo. He wouldn't let Dan in on it. Why would he? Dan was Wendy's friend, not Peter's. I don't think Peter even knows Dan. Besides, Wendy promised Peter an exclusive as the broker. Not that she would put it in writing or anything. He just had to take her word for it.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, then what happened?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, she was just ragging on us all the time, and we were getting pretty pissed about it. We got to talking, me and Peter, and we fantasized about just taking the software.

Detective Murphy: You mean, stealing it?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, if you look at it from a certain angle, I guess so.

Detective Murphy: You weren't afraid you'd get caught?

Jenny Sadlier: Maybe a little, but it'd be pretty hard to prove. She never copyrighted it. She was so cocky, like she was the only one in the world who could have thought of such a thing.

Detective Murphy: She wasn't?

Jenny Sadlier: A good idea is a good idea. They aren't confined to one person in the universe. It's the guy who takes the ball and runs with it who wins.

Detective Murphy: She wasn't worried someone might take her idea?

Jenny Sadlier: She was, and she wasn't. She wasn't worried enough to copyright it, but she was constantly paranoid any time she saw an article she thought might be about her software.

Detective Murphy: But there was an article, wasn't there? You emailed her about it.

Jenny Sadlier: She emailed me. She was constantly emailing me about stuff like that. I always read whatever article she mentioned, but none of them ever gave enough details to know if they were talking about her software. But does she ever do anything proactive about any of those articles? No. She just gets coked out and starts ragging on us. That's what did it, I guess.

Detective Murphy: Please explain.

Jenny Sadlier: It was the last straw. Me and Peter were just like, "Hey, screw her, let's do it." Peter had a line with MegaMaxiNet Solutions, plus he knew Wendy had screwed up a deal with them a few months earlier, so it would be big for him if he could pull off a deal there when Wendy couldn't. So he started working on them and didn't tell her.

Detective Murphy: Was this around the time that Peter started having financial troubles?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, he did have that awful scare with the stock market, and he lost a lot of money. He started to freak, sold his car, was going to sell his house. It was pretty ugly for a while. Yeah, I guess that was about the same time.

Detective Murphy: So, he made a deal with MegaMaxiNet Solutions?

Jenny Sadlier: Yep. He made it look easy.

Detective Murphy: What was your end of it?

Jenny Sadlier: Every time she sent me a flash drive, I copied it and sent it to him. He had a couple of friends—Linda Jakovich and Tony Magro—do a second check after I was finished to make sure we hadn't missed anything.

Detective Murphy: What did he promise you in exchange?

Jenny Sadlier: It was fifty-fifty after we paid Jakovich and Magro. We were finally going to get our due.

Detective Armstrong: Did Jakovich and Magro know you and Peter had … appropriated the software you had them testing?

Jenny Sadlier: No, I don't think so. I doubt Peter would've mentioned it to them.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know how to get in touch with them?

Jenny Sadlier: I think so.

Detective Armstrong: Write it down here, please. Email, phone number, whatever you have.

Jenny Sadlier: Okay.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. So, it sounds like everything was going as planned. What happened?

Jenny Sadlier: Wendy somehow got onto it. At least, Peter thought so. We weren't sure if she just suspected or if she had any evidence, but he was really freaked. She threatened to go to an attorney. He was just wigging out, you know, and I couldn't calm him down.

Detective Murphy: And that's when you two planned to kill Wendy?

Jenny Sadlier: What? No! I had nothing to do with that. I mean, okay, I'm a hideous bitch because I was helping him to steal her stuff, fine. But I didn't have anything to do with killing her.

Detective Murphy: Then why are we talking?

Jenny Sadlier: I….

George Bottoms: Jenny, take a breath. Calm down. Detectives, can we take a break? My client needs a few minutes.

Detective Murphy: Okay, let's take five, everybody. Mr. Bottoms, we'll give you the room. If either of you wants to visit the restroom or get a drink from the machine, just let us know, and an officer will escort you.

Interview suspended – 10:46 a.m.


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