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Incident report

A 911 caller reported finding a body near the Kelly Green construction site south of Oxford.

Body scene map

Investigators put together an informal map of the body scene.

Mystery woman found dead

The Crime Beat column reports: Unidentified body found partially nude

Body scene panorama

Investigators assembled photos to show the body scene.

Michael Robbins bio

Excerpt: "Michael has refused to tell his friends who the woman is, apparently because she …"

Michael Robbins interview

Property developer Michael Robbins arrived at the scene around the same time as the first officer.

Earl Sullivan bio

Excerpt: "Though some might call him stubborn, [Earl] believes himself to be …"

Earl Sullivan interview

Earl Sullivan called 911 to report the body found near the construction site.

Miles Jackson bio

Excerpt: "During a moment of panic, Miles punched a …"

Miles Jackson interview

Miles Jackson found the body and reported it to his supervisor at the construction site.

Incident report

A 911 caller reported finding a bag of stained clothing just off Highway 6 west of Oxford.

Body & clothing map

Investigators created an informal map showing where the body and the clothing were found.

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