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Bambi Johnson interview

Friday, April 29, 2022 – 1:50 p.m.

Bambi Johnson is the person Michael Robbins said he was with on the night Wendy Holloway was killed.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Norma Jean "Bambi" Johnson

Detective Armstrong: Please state your name and address for the record.

Bambi Johnson: Norma Jean Johnson, 309 Phillip Road, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for coming in, even though you are 20 minutes late.

Bambi Johnson: Yeah, sorry about that.

Detective Murphy: There are some questions we need to ask you. First, do you know Michael Robbins?

Bambi Johnson: Yes, I do.

Detective Murphy: How do you know him?

Bambi Johnson: Been dating him about five months now.

Detective Murphy: How did you meet him?

Bambi Johnson: Just around town, you know? I don't remember exactly.

Detective Armstrong: Were you, shall we say, escorting another gentleman at the time you met Mr. Robbins?

Bambi Johnson: I don't know what you're trying to imply, but no, I wasn't with another man at the time.

Detective Armstrong: You can't remember how you met him, but you're sure you weren't with someone else?

Bambi Johnson: I wouldn't look at another man if I was with someone. That wouldn't be right.

Detective Armstrong: Is that so?

Bambi Johnson: Well, why else would I say it?

Detective Armstrong: I can't imagine why. You call yourself "Bambi." Why's that?

Bambi Johnson: It's a cute name. I was called that as a kid because I had long legs like little Bambi the deer.

Detective Armstrong: You know, I've seen some ads in one of the local rags about a "fun-loving girl" wanting a "generous companion" for "wild times." Have you seen those, Detective Murphy? Wasn't the name on those ads Bambi?

Bambi Johnson: What are you trying to say?

Detective Armstrong: What is your relationship with Mr. Robbins?

Bambi Johnson: Sometimes we go to dinner or a movie. Most times, I just go to his place, and we party.

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Robbins is a generous man?

Bambi Johnson: He certainly is. This one time, we went to Gulfport in somebody's private jet and stayed in a luxury suite. Mike gave me money for the slots while he played blackjack, and I won $1,000. Some people save all their money, and then they die like shriveled-up old prunes. Mike's not like that.

Detective Armstrong: So would you say you have a generosity-for-services-rendered relationship?

Bambi Johnson: I'm Mike's… companion, you might say. He knows I never want to be broke. My mama was so poor that she stole carrots from the farms in Texas so we could eat. That's before she left my dad and we came back here. Mike looks after me pretty good, pays my rent, and for me to get my hair done. He likes me to look good. He also gave me a designer dress once, but I'd rather wear snakeskin boots and a short skirt or jeans, you know? With a sexy little low-cut top?

Detective Armstrong: I get the picture

Detective Murphy: If you're trying to flirt with Detective Armstrong, it will get you nowhere, I can assure you. Just answer the questions, please.

Bambi Johnson: If you say so…

Detective Armstrong: Where were you the night of Friday, April 15th and early on April 16th?

Bambi Johnson: I was at my place, then Mike's place. He has this big condo at The Clovers.

Detective Murphy: How do you remember so easily? Do you recall all your activities from a few weeks ago so accurately?

Bambi Johnson: Well, it's not like I don't know which night you're talking about. Mike told me y'all might ask me about it.

Detective Murphy: And did he also tell you what to say to us?

Bambi Johnson: No. Why would he? I already know what happened. I was there.

Detective Armstrong: Okay. So what time did you go to Mike's condo?

Bambi Johnson: Oh, he picked me up a little after midnight. He had been at a party with investment people, Rhett Boland and his wife, Nancy. Something he had to go to. Good for business.

Detective Armstrong: Were you invited?

Bambi Johnson: No, and I wouldn't want to go anyway. People like Rhett's wife look down on me like I'm trailer trash or something, and I don't even live in a trailer. 

Detective Murphy: Why do you say that?

Bambi Johnson: I went to one of her stuck-up functions one time, wearing that dress Mike bought me, but I heard her say to her friend, "She looks good, but wait until she opens her mouth." That was pretty snotty of her. I like Rhett—he's hung out with me and Mike a few times—but his wife can be a real bitch.

Detective Armstrong: I see. Had you made arrangements ahead of time to see Mr. Robbins that night?

Bambi Johnson: He said he'd probably call. He did call when he left that dinner and said he was on his way to pick me up and I should be ready to go. Then he called me a few minutes later from the car and said he was outside and I should come on out. He was in kind of a hurry to get home.

Detective Armstrong: What time did he pick you up?

Bambi Johnson: I don't remember exactly. Maybe about 12:15 a.m.?

Detective Armstrong: What happened then?

Bambi Johnson: He was already in a romantic mood, and it didn't take long for our party to start.

Detective Armstrong: Were you drinking alcohol?

Bambi Johnson: No, I don't usually drink alcohol. Seen the ruination it causes.

Detective Armstrong: Was Mr. Robbins?

Bambi Johnson: No, he wasn't drinking. I believe he'd had a few drinks at the party.

Detective Murphy: That's interesting. See, he told me he invited you over for a nightcap. Did you take drugs that night?.

Bambi Johnson: No, of course not!

Detective Armstrong: Did you spend the night at his house?

Bambi Johnson: Yes, I did.

Detective Armstrong: What time did y'all go to sleep?

Bambi Johnson: Must have been about 4:00 a.m. I think I dozed off a bit then.

Detective Armstrong: That's pretty late to be getting to bed.

Bambi Johnson: Well, so what? We were partying.

Detective Armstrong: What time did you leave?

Bambi Johnson: About noon. Mike dropped me off at home. I think he had some work to do

Detective Armstrong: Do you know where he was going?

Bambi Johnson: No, I don't. I can't remember if he told me or not. I just know he had to go out. I guess it was something to do with business.

Detective Armstrong: So you were with him the entire time from just after midnight Friday until about noon on Saturday?

Bambi Johnson: You got it.

Detective Armstrong: And you were both partying for most of that time?

Bambi Johnson: I don't know as I'd say most of the time. We were sleeping part of the time.

Detective Armstrong: Would he have had an opportunity to leave while you were there?

Bambi Johnson: No, he didn't. He was with me. Obviously, I didn't follow him around every second, like to the bathroom. But I know he didn't go anywhere.

Detective Armstrong: How do you know if you were asleep part of the time?

Bambi Johnson: We were sleeping in the same bed. If he'd gotten up, I would've known it.

Detective Murphy: A few more questions, Ms. Johnson. Did you know Wendy Pane Holloway?

Bambi Johnson: I met her once, but I didn't know it was her. I realized it later when I saw her picture on the TV.

Detective Murphy: When did you meet her?

Bambi Johnson: She came over to Mike's place one time when I was there. Maybe last month sometime? Didn't stay long, just dropped by.

Detective Murphy: Why did Ms. Holloway visit Mr. Robbins?

Bambi Johnson: I don't know. Maybe she was picking up a brochure.

Detective Murphy: Something to do with cocaine, perhaps?

Bambi Johnson: A brochure about cocaine?

Detective Murphy: You know that's not what I mean. Did she come by to buy or sell cocaine?

Bambi Johnson: No, I really don't think so. Why would you even think that?

Detective Murphy: Did you know that Mr. Robbins had asked Ms. Holloway out?

Bambi Johnson: On a date? No, I can't believe that, unless it was so he could take someone with him to one of those society soirees. She looked like one of those Miss High and Mighty types to me.

Detective Armstrong: Can anyone verify your activities on the night of April 15th?

Bambi Johnson: Only Mike, I guess.

Detective Murphy: Okay, Ms. Johnson. That's all we have for you at this time. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions. Thank you for coming in today.

Bambi Johnson: You're welcome.

Interview ended – 2:17 p.m.


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