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Earl Sullivan interview

Saturday, April 16, 2022 – 12:55 p.m.

Earl Sullivan is the Kelly Green construction site supervisor and is the person who called 911 to report the body.

Deputy Watson interviewed him at the site a short time later.


  • Deputy P.J. Watson
  • Earl Sullivan

Deputy Watson: Could you please state your name and address?

Earl Sullivan: My name is Earl Roy Sullivan. I live at 3406 South Lamar, Oxford, MS.

Deputy Watson: You're the supervisor of this site for the Mitchell Company?

Earl Sullivan: Yes, sir.

Deputy Watson: And you are the originator of the call to 911?

Earl Sullivan: Yes, sir. I made the call. Me and Miles. Leastways, Miles was there. He's the young fella who found her.

Deputy Watson: Can you tell me what happened?

Earl Sullivan: I don't know exactly. Miles come in to work some O.T. We only work half-days on Saturday 'cause all the overtime gets real expensive, and the boss man is tryin' to keep costs down. I had things to do in the shack, so I left him be. 'Round about noon, I stepped out the shack to go check on some of the men, and then I made a pit stop at the latrine. I was no sooner in there that I heard Miles yelling and raising a ruckus.

Deputy Watson: Did you leave the latrine and go in search of Mr. Jackson at that time?

Earl Sullivan: Yes, sir. Well, soon as I was finished, that is. But I couldn't figure where he was calling from at first, so I had to kind of follow the voice, y'know?

Deputy Watson: Sure. So you found him where?

Earl Sullivan: Out there by the kudzu. I reckon I scared the heck outta him the way I came out from the trees. Maybe we scared each other because I didn't realize he was so close. Anyways, he was pretty shook up and having a hard time calming down. He told me there was a girl out there by the kudzu. So I went to have a look-see and…

Deputy Watson: You went over to the body?

Earl Sullivan: Well, he pointed, and I went that way. Then I saw her, still as a china doll. I'll tell you, my heart stopped for a second. Poor child. I have three girls of my own, and it's just so sad what happened to her. So young, y'know?

Deputy Watson: Yes, it is a shame. Did you touch the body? Try to see if she was still alive?

Earl Sullivan: No, sir, I didn't. I reckon I shoulda, but I just had that feeling you get when you just know? I figured we couldn't help her. And to tell you the truth, it worked me up quite a bit. I pretty much high-tailed it outta there, just like Miles did.

Deputy Watson: Then what did you do?

Earl Sullivan: I took Miles up to the shack, and we called the boss man. It's company policy. Anything out of the usual happens, you always call. So I did. Mr. Robbins told us to call y'all, and he'd be right over. I reckon I shoulda thought to call y'all first, but I just wasn't thinkin' straight. Then after I got off the phone with y'all, I gave Miles some water and had him set a spell. He was pretty shaken up, y'know?

Deputy Watson: Did you see anything unusual? Or anyone in or around the area where you saw the deceased?

Earl Sullivan: No. I didn't see nothing but that poor girl.

Deputy Watson: Do you know the identity of the deceased?

Earl Sullivan: No, sir.

Deputy Watson: Have you ever seen her before?

Earl Sullivan: No, sir, I don't believe I have.

Deputy Watson: Is there anything else you want to add to your statement?

Earl Sullivan: No, sir. That's all I know.

Deputy Watson: Okay, thank you, Mr. Sullivan. If we have further questions, we'll contact you.

Interview ended – 1:13 p.m.


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