Husky man with short brown hair and glasses

Detective Armstrong spoke to Steven about the tensions in his relationship with Zoe.

Group of people around a table with books, laptop and other items

The detectives spoke to members of Zoe's writing group about their meeting the night she was killed.

Smiling man with dark hair and a salt-and-pepper goatee

Detective Armstrong stopped by The Oxford Weekly Planet to talk to Zoe's editor.

Cell phone tower with an OxTel cell phone bill in the background

Investigators examined call activity from Zoe's cell phone on the day she was killed.

Digital calendar viewed on a tablet device

The detectives reviewed Zoe's calendar entries for the day she was killed and the next day.

Red-haired woman holding a pen and looking pensive

Kathy started young in the publishing industry and later started her own literary agency.

Red-haired woman holding a pen and looking pensive

Detective Armstrong spoke to the agent who was negotiating Zoe's book deal.

Exterior of the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office

The Coroner's Office provided a preliminary autopsy report on Zoe Chase. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Man with dark facial hair wearing a hard hat

Detective Armstrong spoke to one of Jack's friends about the night Zoe was killed.

Man with long dark hair and dark facial hair

Detective Armstrong visited the other person Jack said he was with the night Zoe died.

Wire-bound notebook with floral decoration and snap close

Investigators noted potentially relevant entries from Zoe's journals.

Smiling woman with brown hair and glasses

Detective Armstrong asked Peggy more about her work for Zoe and the last writers' group meeting.

Woman with blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair

In light of new information, the detectives wanted Mallory to answer some more questions.

Smiling woman with short brown hair and brown eyes

The detectives went back to Dani to get some more information.

Candles burning on a dark background the Oxford Weekly Planet logo in the foreground

The Crime Beat reports: OWP columnist Zoe Chase remembered

Excerpt of a map showing locations relevant to the investigation

Investigators compiled a map of locations relevant to the Zoe Chase homicide investigation.

Male doctor holding a stethoscope

A man approached the detectives after the funeral and asked to speak to them.

Smiling woman with light brown hair

Tammy contacted detectives to say she might have some information relevant to the investigation.

Smiling woman with blonde hair pulled back and glasses alongside the Oxford Weekly Planet logo

After speaking to Richard Bertuch, Tammy sent the information Detective Armstrong requested.

Man with gray hair & glasses and smiling woman with blonde hair

Detective Murphy called Howard and Marion to ask some follow-up questions.

Husky man with short brown hair and glasses

Detective Armstrong spoke to Steven about the tensions in his relationship with Zoe.

Woman with dark hair and glasses

Debbie came in to answer a few more questions about Zoe.

Young man with dark hair

Jack came in for another conversation with Detective Armstrong.

Cheerful woman with curly hair

Investigators identified a potential witness among Zoe's phone contacts.

Book cover showing a blood-spattered pistol and the title 'Desperate Stranger'

The detectives received some more information about Zoe's book.


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