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Jack Swanson interview #2

Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 5:40 p.m.

Jack Swanson is a part-time actor and had an intimate relationship with Zoe Chase.

The detectives asked Jack to come into the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department for another interview.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Jack Swanson

Detective Armstrong: Would you state your name and address for the record, please?

Jack Swanson: Jack Swanson. I'm still living out in Abbeville.

Detective Armstrong: I appreciate you talking to us again, Jack.

Jack Swanson: No problem.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know Peggy LeClaire?

Jack Swanson: Yeah. She used to do some typing and transcription work for Zoe.

Detective Armstrong: Know her well?

Jack Swanson: Not really. She came around a few times. She'd swing by the house to drop off some papers or pick up notes and stuff from Zoe. We'd chat for a few minutes, and that'd be it. Sometimes I met Zoe at the bookstore after her writing group, and I'd see Peggy there.

Detective Armstrong: Have you talked to her lately?

Jack Swanson: Saw her the other day on the Square. We sat on the bench and talked for a bit. She told me how sorry she was about Zoe.

Detective Armstrong: How did she act?

Jack Swanson: She seemed pretty upset. Kept talking about how terrible it was. How wonderful Zoe was and all. She kind of runs on and on while she's talking. Just babbles, to be honest with you.

Detective Armstrong: What did you think about this conversation?

Jack Swanson: I just wanted to get out of there. Sitting on a bench on the damn Square, talking about Zoe in front of everyone, wasn't my idea of fun. I felt mighty uncomfortable. And then Peggy can be just plain weird sometimes.

Detective Armstrong: Weird in what way?

Jack Swanson: Like I said, she just babbles. Runs on and on, and seems to be mad that she even has to take a breath. She kept talking about how wonderful Zoe was and how everyone loved her, but she seemed kind of cold when she said that stuff.

Detective Armstrong: What do you mean by that?

Jack Swanson: It reminded me of when I used to take drama classes at school. Some kid would be up there reciting his lines, and he would have all the right words and movements and things, but there was no feeling to it. You could always tell when he wasn't really into his role. That's the way that I felt about Peggy that day.

Detective Armstrong: You mean that you didn't feel like she meant what she was saying?

Jack Swanson: Exactly. Maybe she really did mean all that stuff. People deal with death in different ways. Maybe she was just weirded out by the situation.

Detective Armstrong: That's possible. But, just for the sake of the discussion, can you think of any reason why Peggy might not like Zoe?

Jack Swanson: I'm sure there were probably lots of reasons. Zoe could be demanding, she could be mean. Hell, probably anyone you talk to about her could tell you at least one story or two.

Detective Armstrong: So you can't think of any reason that Peggy specifically might not like Zoe?

Jack Swanson: No.

Detective Armstrong: So, Jack, I gotta ask you. You knew about the expensive jewelry Zoe was getting from her other … men friends?

Jack Swanson: I know her parents gave her some nice stuff.

Detective Armstrong: But you know that not all of it came from them, right?

Jack Swanson: What do you mean?

Detective Armstrong: The Cartier watch? The ruby and diamond earrings? Not from her parents.

Jack Swanson: How can you know that?

Detective Armstrong: Her parents told us.

Jack Swanson: And why are you telling me this?

Detective Armstrong: I want to know what you know.

Jack Swanson: I know I never could've afforded to buy her things like that, so if she found another way to get them, well … good for her, I guess.

Detective Armstrong: She didn't tell you where she got them?

Jack Swanson: No. She just let me believe what I wanted to believe, apparently. What difference does it make? She's gone now. That's all that matters.

Detective Armstrong: I can see how upsetting it is for you, Jack, and I'm sorry about that. Just one more thing, and we can wrap it up for today.

Jack Swanson: What is it?

Detective Armstrong: Do you own a firearm?

Jack Swanson: No. What do I need a gun for?

Detective Armstrong: Okay, thanks for your time, Jack. We'll be in touch if we need anything else.

Interview ended – 5:56 p.m.



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