What's happened so far?

Woman in a blood pool lying on the roadside

Investigation Day 1

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a woman's body on the side of a road in eastern Yoknaptawpha County. She had been shot to death.

After examining the body and the vehicle, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked at the scene to the young man who found the body.

A short time later, another officer told the detectives about an incident earlier the same day that might be connected to their investigation, so Detective Armstrong went to check it out.

When they got word late that afternoon that the victim's parents had arrived in town, the detectives went to Zoe's house to talk to them.

While Detectives Armstrong and Murphy were collecting some evidence from Zoe's residence, the Oxford Weekly Planet told their readers about the murder.

Investigation Day 2

When Detective Armstrong stopped by Zoe's house, he ran into her boyfriend and sat down with him for a conversation.

Back at the station, he talked to a woman who was in the writers' group with Zoe and occasionally did some work for her.

Later, Detective Murphy spoke to Zoe's friend and fellow writer, Mallory.

Investigation Day 3

The next morning, the detectives went to the Bonner residence and ended up talking to Ed Bonner, who was the only one home at the time.

A little later, they went back to talk to his wife about her relationship with Zoe and more.

Afterward, they added the recording Dani gave them to the evidence collected in the case.

That afternoon, Detective Armstrong talked with Zoe's birth mother.

Later that evening, he spoke to Steven about the tensions in his relationship with Zoe.

Then the detectives talked with other members of the Oxford Writers Circle about their meeting the night Zoe was killed.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, Detective Armstrong stopped by The Oxford Weekly Planet to talk to Zoe's editor.

Meanwhile, Detective Murphy reviewed Zoe's phone calls, messages and calendar notes for the day she died.

When Detective Armstrong got back to the station, he spoke by phone with Zoe's agent about her book deal.

Later, the detectives reviewed the preliminary report on Zoe's autopsy.

Then one of Jack's friends came by to talk about the night Zoe died.

While Detective Armstrong visited the other person who was with Jack that night, Detective Murphy worked to identify the parts of Zoe's journals that might be relevant to the investigation.

Investigation Day 5

The detectives had some more questions about Peggy's work for Zoe and the last writers' group meeting, so Detective Armstrong met with Peggy again.

After hearing Peggy's claims, the detectives decided they needed to have another conversation with Mallory.

Later, the detectives visited Dani again to see if they could get any more information from her.

Investigation Day 6

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy attended Zoe's funeral along with many other members of the community.

After the service, a man approached the detectives and asked to speak with them.

Meanwhile, other investigators mapped out locations relevant to the investigation.


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Later that afternoon, the detectives got a call from Richard Bertuch's assistant, who had some information she thought they might be interested in.

Investigation Day 7

Detective Murphy called the Neidelmens to get some additional information from them while Detective Armstrong arranged to have another conversation with Steven.

Then the detectives had a few more questions for Debbie and Jack

Investigation Day 8

The next day, Detective Murphy traveled to meet with a potential witness, which resulted in more information about Zoe's book.

The evening, the Crime Beat weighed in with their view of the status of the investigation.

Investigation Day 9

The Crime Lab sent over a report of their preliminary findings on evidence collected in the case so far.

Around midday, Officer Harding was notified of some potential evidence, which Detective Murphy later talked to a local priest about.


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