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Russell Templeton interview

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 4:20 p.m.

Russell Templeton is one of the people Jack Swanson said he was with on the night Zoe Chase was killed.

Detective Armstrong interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Russell Templeton

Detective Armstrong: Would you state your name and address, please?

Russell Templeton: My name's Russell Templeton, and I live on Price Street.

Detective Armstrong: And where do you work?

Russell Templeton: I work out at the physical plant on campus.

Detective Armstrong: Where were you last Saturday night, May 23rd?

Russell Templeton: I was with Jack Swanson and Henry Butler. Down on the Square.

Detective Armstrong: You guys went out?

Russell Templeton: Yeah, we all met at the Beacon and got something to eat. Then we went out.

Detective Armstrong: Do you remember the places you went to?

Russell Templeton: We went to Duffy's, Proud Larry's, The Blind Pig. Just about everywhere. We spent the most time at The Roadhouse.

Detective Armstrong: You guys drinking?

Russell Templeton: Oh yeah. We all were drinking pretty hard that night.

Detective Armstrong: Did Jack ever tell you about his relationship with Zoe?

Russell Templeton: Yeah, he was always telling me about her out messing around with all these other guys. It pissed him off pretty bad.

Detective Armstrong: Really?

Russell Templeton: Wouldn't it piss you off? Your woman out tarting around with every guy in town?

Detective Armstrong: I guess it would. I had gotten the impression from some people that it wasn't that bad. That their relationship wasn't all bad.

Russell Templeton: Well, I never did like Zoe, and everyone knew it. Maybe Jack told me more of the crap cause he knew I didn't like her no way.

Detective Armstrong: Why didn't you like her?

Russell Templeton: She was just a slut and a selfish one at that. You always got the idea that she was trying to figure out how to use a person to her advantage.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, back to Saturday night, what did you guys do when the bars closed?

Russell Templeton: We went home. We dropped Jack off at his car at the Beacon, and then I took Henry to his truck, and we all went our separate ways.

Detective Armstrong: Did anyone call anyone, or did any of you talk to anyone?

Russell Templeton: Jack called Zoe right before we left The Roadhouse. He was pretty drunk, and I guess he wanted some action. Or at least a warm bed. Of course, she wasn't there, so I think he just left a message.

Detective Armstrong: What was Jack's reaction when he couldn't reach her?

Russell Templeton: He got pretty pissed off. How much of that does a man have to take?

Detective Armstrong: You're sure about that? He was angry?

Russell Templeton: I can't say for sure. We were all pretty drunk, and he was hammered for sure. It was pretty noisy, but I think I heard him getting kinda mad. Saying that he hoped she wasn't out with some guy. Maybe I just interpreted it that way. Maybe he wasn't that pissed.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know where he went after you dropped him off?

Russell Templeton: He said he was going to sleep for a while in his car, so I assume that's just what he did. He told me later that he slept for several hours and then drove home.

Detective Armstrong: I see. Thank you for stopping by. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions.

Interview ended – 4:38 p.m.



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