Husky man with short brown hair and glasses

Steven Atwater interview #2

Saturday, May 30, 2020 – 11:15 a.m.

Steven Atwater is a maintenance man and one of the founders of the Oxford Writers' Circle.

Detective Armstrong spoke to him again at the café in Square Books.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Steven Atwater

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for talking with me again.

Steven Atwater: Sure. Anything I can do to help you solve this.

Detective Armstrong: Just for the record, would you state your name and address, please?

Steven Atwater: Steven Atwater, 415 Washington, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Armstrong: Thanks. I'd like to talk to you a bit more about your relationship with Zoe Chase.

Steven Atwater: Okay. What do you want to know?

Detective Armstrong: Well, you formed the Oxford Writers Circle in 2015, correct?

Steven Atwater: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: And do you remember when Zoe joined the group?

Steven Atwater: I could check my records for you if you need the exact date. But if I remember correctly, it was shortly after she moved here in 2017.

Detective Armstrong: And your initial reaction to her? What did you think about her?

Steven Atwater: As I told you, I was bowled over by her. She was very energetic, very determined.

Detective Armstrong: That sounds like you're describing a student. But, can you give us more of your personal feelings? Were you attracted to her?

Steven Atwater: Well, I don't know about that. I mean, she was a pretty girl and all. But, I'm not sure if you would say I was interested in her. She caught my eye.

Detective Armstrong: Did the two of you ever date or anything?

Steven Atwater: Not really. We had dinner from time to time, but that was about it. Nothing much more than just friends.

Detective Armstrong: You're sure about that?

Steven Atwater: Uh, yeah. Of course, I'm sure. Why are you asking all these questions?

Detective Armstrong: I'm just trying to do my job. So, you say that you didn't really date, although you did spend time together. I'm afraid I'm going to have to come right out and ask the obvious: did you ever sleep with her?

Steven Atwater: Now what kind of question is that?

Detective Armstrong: Just answer the question, please.

Steven Atwater: Well, no. I didn't sleep with her.

Detective Armstrong: Did you want to?

Steven Atwater: That's just a dumb question. Zoe was an attractive young woman, so of course, there was a certain part of me that wouldn't mind the opportunity. But, it wasn't like I was madly in love with her or anything. If some hot woman gave you a chance, you'd take it, right? But that doesn't mean you feel anything for her.

Detective Armstrong: But she never did give you that chance?

Steven Atwater: No, she didn't.

Detective Armstrong: Did that make you angry?

Steven Atwater: Wha— Angry? No.

Detective Armstrong: Hurt, maybe?

Steven Atwater: No.

Detective Armstrong: Even though she was having her fun with all sorts of men?

Steven Atwater: What's wrong with you?

Detective Armstrong: She was interested in a lot of different men—just not you.

Steven Atwater: What is your point?

Detective Armstrong: You really never slept with Zoe?

Steven Atwater: You keep asking all these questions. Evidently, you think you know something. Why don't you tell me what you're getting at, and I'll tell you whether it's true or not?

Detective Armstrong: Do you own any firearms?

Steven Atwater: What?

Detective Armstrong: Handguns, rifles, things like that, do you own any?

Steven Atwater: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: What kind?

Steven Atwater: I have a Beretta pistol.

Detective Armstrong: Would you mind if we borrow it?

Steven Atwater: Why?

Detective Armstrong: Just to run a few tests.

Steven Atwater: Do you really think I could've killed Zoe?

Detective Armstrong: If you have nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a problem, right?

Steven Atwater: I don't know. Can I think about it and let you know?

Detective Armstrong: If that's what you want to do, sure.

Steven Atwater: All right, then.

Detective Armstrong: I'd appreciate it if you'd get back to me by the end of the day to let me know your decision.

Steven Atwater: Uh, okay.

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for your time.

Interview ended – 11:38 a.m.



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