Curly-haired woman on a landline phone

Detective Garcia interview

The detectives spoke to an investigator from another department about a cold case.

Woman with chin-length black hair

Mickie Webster interview #2

The detectives asked Devlin's ex to drop by to answer some more questions.

Glendale Police patch

Riesling incident report

Detective Garcia forwarded the relevant portion of the incident report to the YCSD.

Gloved hand holding strip of paper with a fingerprint on it

Updated fingerprints – Beauchamp residence

The crime lab sent over updated findings on fingerprints lifted from the crime scene.

Single hair viewed under a microscope

Updated hair analysis – Beauchamp residence

The lab updated the analysis of hairs collected from the Beauchamp crime scene.

Smiling woman with long blonde hair

Natalie Posner bio

Detective Garcia sent some background information her department gathered on a person of interest.

Assortment of newspaper headlines

News clippings

Investigators reviewed a collection of news articles found in the desk in Devlin's study.

Gloved hand holding strip of paper with a fingerprint on it

Updated fingerprints – Home Plate

The crime lab sent over updated findings on fingerprints collected at Home Plate.

Microscope focused on a slide

Updated fiber analysis

The lab compared fiber samples collected during searches with fibers from the Beauchamp crime scene.

Gloved hand holding a swab with a plastic cover

Serology – search evidence

The lab analyzed evidence collected during the execution of search warrants for the presence of blood.

Smiling woman with long dark hair

Jessica Durham interview #2

The detectives asked Jessica for a favor. And some more information.

Question marks and the Oxford Weekly Planet logo with a smiling woman with long blonde hair in the background

YCSD seeks public's help

The Crime Beat reports: Have you seen this woman?

Hand signing a consent form

Durham consent search

Jessica Durham permitted investigators to search her vehicle.

Smiling woman with dark hair pulled back

Dorothy Rebine interview #2

The detectives went back to ask Dorothy a few more questions.

Smiling young woman with chin-length hair

Katherine Dixon interview #3

The detectives asked Kat to come in again for some follow-up questions.

Business people shaking hands across a table

Home Plate hits home run

The Oxford Weekly Planet reports: Local barbecue joint announces expansion plans.

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