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Katherine Dixon interview #3

Monday, June 5, 2023 – 12:57 p.m.

The day after investigators searched the Dixon residence, Katherine Dixon met with the detectives for another conversation.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked with her again at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Katherine Dixon

Detective Armstrong: For the record, could you state your full name and address?

Katherine Dixon: Katherine Jacqueline Dixon, 818 Country Club Circle, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for coming in again, Ms. Dixon. By yourself today?

Katherine Dixon: What? Oh, you mean Jack. He's such a— well, anyway, I don't need him. I don't have anything to hide.

Detective Armstrong: Well, we appreciate your cooperation.

Katherine Dixon: You're welcome, detective. What questions can I answer for you this time?

Detective Murphy: Let's just jump in and get this over with, shall we? Firstly, we'd like to know the last time you saw Mr. Beauchamp alive.

Katherine Dixon: The Thursday before he … you know.

Detective Armstrong: The 18th? What time on the 18th was that?

Katherine Dixon: I don't know, kind of late, I guess. About 10:30 p.m., after he got home from work.

Detective Armstrong: Where was this, ma'am?

Katherine Dixon: At his house. He had loaned me a book by Faulkner, and I was returning it. Actually, I really couldn't get interested in it, so I just brought it back.

Detective Armstrong: When you got to his house, did he invite you in?

Katherine Dixon: Well, of course. We were friends, after all. He wasn't just going to send me on my way. Besides, there was something I had to tell him about… Something I was going to call y'all about also.

Detective Armstrong: And that was?

Katherine Dixon: I got another phone call from that… that woman. Well, now I think I know who it was or is… anyway, I wanted to let him know.

Detective Armstrong: Sorry, that's a little too cryptic for me. What woman? What phone calls?

Katherine Dixon: Oh, I had gotten a few calls from this strange woman warning me to stay away from Dev.

Detective Armstrong: Warning you? Were you being threatened?

Katherine Dixon: Well, sort of. I don't know. I guess I didn't think so at first.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, how about we start at the beginning? When did you first get a call from this woman?

Katherine Dixon: March 1st.

Detective Armstrong: What did this woman say to you?

Katherine Dixon: It was quick. Something like, "Stay away from him. You'll never make him yours," or something like that. I mean, I thought it was just nonsense.

Detective Murphy: Did you think this woman was referring to Mr. Beauchamp?

Katherine Dixon: No, not 'til the third or fourth call. I think she said his name then. I don't know what she expected me to say.

Detective Armstrong: All right, when did you start to feel these calls were something to worry about?

Katherine Dixon: When I told Dev about them. Well, no, I did mention them to him right off, but he didn't seem to think anything of them. I think he made a joke. But when I told him she said his name, he kind of got pale.

Detective Murphy: What did he say?

Katherine Dixon: He said not to worry. He'd take care of it.

Detective Murphy: Take care of it? How was he going to take care of it? Did he know who the calls were from?

Katherine Dixon: I got the idea he thought it was Mickie. She was so possessive and all… I guess in the back of my mind, I thought so too.

Detective Murphy: So you assumed he was going to have a talk with Ms. Webster, and the phone calls would stop?

Katherine Dixon: Well, I had my doubts. I mean, the voice didn't really sound like her, you know? I guess she could have been disguising it… Anyway, Dev seemed so sure. I figured he probably knew better than me, so yes, I thought he'd talk to her, and the calls would stop. They didn't scare me. Just kind of annoying, you know?

Detective Armstrong: And when was that? When did Devlin say he'd take care of it?

Katherine Dixon: Like a month ago?

Detective Armstrong: Did the calls stop?

Katherine Dixon: Well, I don't know. I did get quite a few hang-up calls after that. You know, you answer the phone, they wait a second, and then hang up? I thought it could have been her, but no way to tell.

Detective Armstrong: Wasn't the caller's number on your phone?

Katherine Dixon: No. It just said "blocked number" or whatever.

Detective Murphy: Did you get any more calls where the person spoke to you?

Katherine Dixon: Yeah, on that Thursday. That's why I went to talk to Dev.

Detective Murphy: Why not just call Mr. Beauchamp and tell him? Why did you feel compelled to drive to his home and tell him?

Katherine Dixon: Because this one was different. It scared me. She said people were going to pay, that she wasn't going to put up with the abuse anymore. And she sounded so desperate, like she was at the end of her rope or something. I don't know. It's hard to explain.

Detective Armstrong: How did Devlin respond when you told him about it?

Katherine Dixon: He told me not to worry about it. He said he had contacted his attorney, and it would be handled.

Detective Armstrong: Did you believe him?

Katherine Dixon: What do you mean?

Detective Armstrong: Didn't you say he'd already told you he would take care of it? But the calls kept coming anyway, didn't they?

Katherine Dixon: Well, yeah.

Detective Armstrong: Were you upset that he didn't do what he promised?

Katherine Dixon: Upset? Not really. Maybe disappointed, I guess?

Detective Armstrong: Why did you wait until now to tell us this?

Katherine Dixon: Well, like I said, I was pretty sure it was Mickie just being a woman scorned, you know? But then I saw the news yesterday.

Detective Armstrong: What news?

Katherine Dixon: That thing where y'all are looking for that Natalie woman? You think she knows something about what happened to Dev, don't you?

Detective Armstrong: What does Natalie Posner have to do with why you're just now telling us about these calls?

Katherine Dixon: Well, I started looking around on the internet, you know, because I wanted to find out who she was, and I ended up on one of those sites where they have crime stuff. You know what I mean?

Detective Armstrong: Crime stuff. Sure. And?

Katherine Dixon: Well, this one site had some recordings of 911 calls. They said they were of Natalie Posner. I guess they were posted back when her old boyfriend was killed, and they were of Natalie talking to 911 with her boyfriend in the background, screaming like a monster and her sounding like some sort of tortured animal.

Detective Armstrong: Work with me here, Kat. How are these recordings related to—

Katherine Dixon: Don't you get it? It was the same woman! When I heard that high-pitched, hysterical voice… The woman who was calling me was the same woman on those recordings.

Detective Murphy: You're sure?

Katherine Dixon: Gave me goosebumps from head to toe. I thought I was going to have heart failure.

Detective Armstrong: Bottom line it for me, Kat. Are you saying that now you think it was Natalie Posner calling you and not Mickie?

Katherine Dixon: Yes!

Detective Armstrong: And that's why you decided to tell us about these calls now?

Katherine Dixon: Yes!

Detective Armstrong: Have you ever met Natalie Posner?

Katherine Dixon: No.

Detective Armstrong: Did Devlin know her?

Katherine Dixon: I don't know. I don't think so.

Detective Armstrong: So why would she be calling you and trying to scare you?

Katherine Dixon: I don't know. Isn't it your job to figure that out?

Detective Murphy: What website did you find these recordings on?

Katherine Dixon: I don't know. I looked at so many. I might be able to find it again in my browser history if you want.

Detective Murphy: We'd appreciate that.

Katherine Dixon: My laptop's at home, though.

Detective Armstrong: It'll keep for now. Let's finish our talk before we worry about that.

Katherine Dixon: Oh. Okay.

Detective Murphy: Other than the book and the phone call, what else did you and Mr. Beauchamp discuss when you were at his house on May 20th?

Katherine Dixon: Nothing, ma'am. It was late, and he told me to go home and get some rest. He said everything would be just fine.

Detective Murphy: While you were in his house, where did you go?

Katherine Dixon: The living room?

Detective Murphy: Are you asking me or telling me?

Katherine Dixon: Well, we were in his living room, but I don't know if that's what you mean.

Detective Murphy: That's what I mean. Where else in the house did you go?

Katherine Dixon: Nowhere.

Detective Murphy: You didn't go anywhere else in—

Katherine Dixon: Wait. I also went to the bathroom.

Detective Murphy: Which bathroom?

Katherine Dixon: The downstairs one. Right before I left.

Detective Murphy: When were you in Mr. Beauchamp's bedroom?

Katherine Dixon: His bed— I wasn't in his bedroom.

Detective Murphy: And if we have evidence that puts you there?

Katherine Dixon: I don't know. Somebody made a mistake because I was never in Dev's bedroom.

Detective Murphy: Never?

Katherine Dixon: No, not ever!

Detective Armstrong: Have you gotten any more of those calls since Mr. Beauchamp's death?

Katherine Dixon: No, they all stopped after … that.

Detective Armstrong: Did you ever get anything else other than phone calls? Notes, things left on your doorstep, car windshield? Anything like that?

Katherine Dixon: No, I don't think so—just the calls. I guess I should have told you sooner, but like I said, I really always did think it was Mickie, and I was worried that if I told you, you would think I was trying to … you know, point a finger. But then, when I realized it was that Natalie woman, I knew I had to tell you.

Detective Armstrong: Uh-huh. Is there anything else we should know that you haven't told us? Anything at all?

Katherine Dixon: No, sir.

Detective Armstrong: Are you sure? Because now is the time, Kat.

Katherine Dixon: I'm sure. I swear.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, good.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in, Ms. Dixon. When you find that website, you let us know right away. Understand?

Katherine Dixon: Yes, ma'am.

Interview ended – 1:34 p.m.


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