What happened?

Man with dark hair, mustache, and goatee with crime scene tape and blood spatter in the foreground

Investigation Day 1

Yoknapatawpha Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a death in a residence on North Lamar Boulevard. Sheriff's deputies dispatched to the scene found a body believed to be the homeowner, Devlin Beauchamp.

At the scene, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to Carl Dixon, the 911 caller and Beauchamp's business partner.

Other investigators spoke to Beauchamp's neighbors about activity in the area over the last 48 hours.

While YCSD personnel were still actively investigating the scene, the press started asking questions.

That evening, Coroner's Inspector Johnson sent over a summary of her preliminary assessment.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, the detectives tried to reach Devlin Beauchamp's brother.

Then Detectives Armstrong and Murphy went over to Home Plate to talk to the employees.

When they got back to the sheriff's office, they saw that CSU had sent over an inventory of evidence from the crime scene.

While the detectives were at Home Plate, Carl allowed them to search the restaurant for any evidence that might be related to Devlin's death.

Later, they received information about vehicle registrations that are potential matches to the partial plate that one of Devlin's neighbors reported.

Investigation Day 3

The next morning, the detectives met with Devlin's attorney.

Then while waiting for their next interview, they reviewed recent calls on Devlin's cell phone.

Since Carl's daughter wasn't at Home Plate during the canvass, the detectives went to talk to her at her home.

That afternoon, the detectives decided to have a more in-depth conversation with Devlin's ex-girlfriend.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to a representative from Franklin Enterprises.

Later that afternoon, they caught up with a friend of Mickie's.

Investigation Day 5

The next day, the detectives got a call that Devlin's brother was returning to town and would be available to meet with them later in the day.

When they got back, the coroner's preliminary report was waiting for them.

Investigation Day 6

The next morning, Detective Murphy talked to the staff at the restaurant where Jordan said he and his brother ate the day Devlin was killed.

Later, the detectives met with Ron Douglas again to ask about the letters he wrote to Devlin.

Investigation Day 7

The next morning, the crime lab sent preliminary reports on fingerprints and hairs found at the crime scene plus initial analyses of fibers and other evidence.

Then the detectives went to see Jordan again to try to clarify a few things.

When they got back to the station, some preliminary forensics from Home Plate had come in.

A little later, they reviewed the calls on Carl's cell phone and the Dixon home phone around the time Devlin died as well as activity on Kat's phone around the same time.

That evening, Detective Musgrove updated them on something he was checking for them.

Investigation Day 8

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy received the financial reports they'd requested on Devlin and Jordan as well as Carl and the restaurant.

Then they swung by Home Plate to get a copy of the employee time records for the day Devlin died.

After that, a quick stop to see a judge, and then they went to the bank.

Investigation Day 9

Bright and early the next morning, the detectives executed a search warrant at Jordan's house.

When they were finished there, they moved on to the Dixon residence.

Investigation Day 10

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with Carl and Kat again to try to clear up some questions.

That afternoon, Detective Murphy met with one of the vehicle owners whose license plate is a partial match to the one seen on Devlin's street.

Afterward, the detectives pulled another person's phone records for that day.

Investigation Day 11

The local gossip blog started the morning sharing some scoop with its readers not long before Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with a colleague from another department about a cold case.

Later on, they met with Devlin's ex again to try to clear up a few things.

That afternoon, Detective Garcia sent the information she promised.

At the end of the workday, the crime lab sent over updated findings on fingerprints and hairs collected from the Beauchamp residence.

Investigation Day 12

The next morning, after Detective Garcia sent over some additional information collected during her investigation, the detectives took another look at the news articles Devlin had collected.

That afternoon, the detectives reviewed several updated reports from the crime lab.

Investigation Day 13

The detectives asked Jessica for some more information (and a favor).

Later on, the Oxford Weekly Planet reported on a YCSD press conference asking for the public's help.

Meanwhile, the detectives reviewed the inventory of evidence collected during their most recent search.

Investigation Day 14

The next morning, the detectives went to talk to Dorothy again.

After lunch, they met with Kat to follow up on a few things.

Then later that afternoon, the Oxford Weekly Planet broke some surprising news.

Investigation Day 15

After they got the forensics back on the Durham search, Detective Armstrong and Murphy got a warrant to search another location.

Investigation Day 16

While the detectives waited for the crime lab to process evidence collected in the search, they reviewed the contents of notebooks found at that location.

At the end of the day, the preliminary findings on that search evidence came in.

Investigation Day 17

After taking a suspect into custody, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with the alleged killer to get a statement.

That afternoon, the Oxford Weekly Planet broke the news of the arrest.