What's happened so far…

Man with dark hair, mustache, and goatee with crime scene tape and blood spatter in the foreground

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Investigation Day 1

Yoknapatawpha Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a death in a residence on North Lamar Boulevard. Sheriff's deputies dispatched to the scene found a body believed to be the homeowner, Devlin Beauchamp.

At the scene, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to Carl Dixon, the 911 caller and Beauchamp's business partner.

Other investigators spoke to Beauchamp's neighbors about activity in the area over the last 48 hours.

While YCSD personnel were still actively investigating the scene, the press started asking questions.

That evening, Coroner's Inspector Johnson sent over a summary of her preliminary assessment.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, the detectives tried to reach Devlin Beauchamp's brother.

Then Detectives Armstrong and Murphy went over to Home Plate to talk to the employees.

When they got back to the sheriff's office, they saw that CSU had sent over an inventory of evidence from the crime scene.